Bad habits or illusionary freedom?


I’ve read an interesting piece on medium on why you should never date a girl who travels. Super liked the post, and then googled around to find some more interesting stories around “why you should date a girl who does <reading/travelling/etc/etc>.  While it’s true that a person who travels without a fixed job and  by trusting their abilities to bring in their next meal is someone whom a boring desk-job person can’t keep. But, today I want to write about the illusionary freedom which people carry in their minds and ruin their life.

My recently joined colleague stays with her to-be sister in law. When we go out for walks after lunch, she recounts stories of her TBSIL( to-be sister in law) travelling alone to various parts of the country and how she has decided not to get married and how she never interacts with her fellow flatmates in her apartment.  Oh, did I mention that she drives a Hero Honda as well?  So far, so good until you come to know she works 14 hours a day, glued to her laptop working on the “urgent”  issue in her product development company. Sigh!

It’s either this OR that. You are only fooling yourself to be independent if you hold a desk-job, and travel/etc/etc to fill the social void your job has left in your life.  If at al like the “medium” girl, you should be hating the job, isn’t it?  While I sincerely appreciate the “medium” types for living the life they want – the TBSIL types are tied by their own baggages.  My colleague tells me how she wants to lose weight, and survives on salads and fruits and cannot come back from office until 10 PM – so honey, no time for Gym. And then, her schedule follows couple of hours more at her laptop.

Freedom is not roaming alone in deserted backpacks at any area of the country

Freedom is not opening your heart for others to enter

Freedom is NOT riding a motorcycle

What freedom is?

Freedom is allowing alternate opinions to flow in, and be able to guage for your best

Freedom is the ability to make decisions in life, and change habits

Freedom is to enjoy the privilege life has given you ( family, friends, health) and not treat them as unwanted extras in life.

I firmly believe the TBSIL is running away from her desk job, finding solace in unknown places and coming back to get more chained.  If you believe you are truly FREE and want to live the “medium” life –  you should start looking within to see if you are perpetually running away from something in life.

When I was 20+,  I had a similar mindset and was obsessed with living a “free” life. With couple of mistakes in my kitty, now I can confidently say that freedom is what your mindset is. As Bob Marley rightly puts it –

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds!

Have a good day and keep rocking!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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