Facebook vs twitter

Sorry if you have opened this link with the assumption of reading really informative and useful stuff. Feel free to close.

This post is just my ramblings about twitter and Facebook.

I have been more socially active since TTP has been a part of my life. My sparse newsfeed and limited no. Of friends has grown into an ad full cluttered space filled with random people’s updates I really don’t care about. Okay, some of them I really care about.

To me, the best part of Facebook is groups. Collective wisdom and arguments. Lot of good for thought.

I was one of the eArly adopters for twitter. But, after I created my account, didn’t really knew what to do with it. So, it just stayed on like another useless gadget. Yesterday, had the chance of observing twitter with regard to some presentation, and had a sudden realization. Twitter has more become like an online adda for a group of people interested in common things. The private group emails that were common earlier are now replaced by real time conversations. I had the wish to poke my nose into one of the discussions, but was so hesitant to intrude the group’s on going discussions.

What’s the conclusion? Start using twitter more often, I find myself increasingly fed up of facebook news feed. With a magic wand, I make a wish to meet few like minded souls to start my own twitter party.

Facebook or Twitter? Your take?


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