What’s your Happiness-Guaranteed List?

There are times, where I feel out of sync for some good reasons and some not so worthy reasons. But, sometimes I notice that it takes me very little time to get back on track and some other times, it really takes days to come out of the grumpy mood. My observation skills tell me that, 25% of the things I think during the grumpy and sulking time are probably worth my attention and require some modifications, but the rest 75% thoughts are just playing around with my mood, taking full advantage and imposing themselves on me. This is really the time to be wary of – the thoughts that try hard to trick your mind. I came up with a happiness-guaranteed list, a list of things that will make me happy at any given point of time in my life, below are few –

a) Getting Organized : cleaning up closets and dusting the home

b) Learning something new, often for an hour or so

c) Feeling Gratitude for the current situation I’m in ( a bit tough but surely works!)

d) Recollecting some of my mom’s words at the back of my mind ( Works wonders!)

e) Making an entirely different meal from routine, start with shopping for ingredients

f) Observe Saanvi play

g) Listen to some songs, that are in my ever green list.

h) Self remainder for the famous yogi vemana poem..”tana kopame tana shatruvu…”

Any one of these is guaranteed to lift my spirits up, no matter the situation. What’s your list like?

Ofcourse, Meditation is the master stress buster and will put us in eternally blissful state. Been on and off with it, must dedicate few minutes of my life meditating everyday.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!


2 thoughts on “What’s your Happiness-Guaranteed List?

  1. Abhilasha Srivastava says:

    Hi Saraswati,
    I was just browsing n came across ur website n read few of your blogs n random musings. You’ve very well captured the essence of motherhood n womanhood in the current times n I want to congratulate you for the same! Let us all maintain our sanity n keep progressing in life 🙂
    Love n luck

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