Uday Kiran commits suicide and my thoughts on it

Uday Kiran commits suicide and my thoughts on it

As Telugu news channels tirelessly showcase uday kiran’s sad songs and potray him as victim of film and family politics,
my immediate family feel very sad for him. When I quiz them, they reply that he did not have a godfather in the Industry, how he made it big and how he had so many problems in life. I spend a good part of the next one hour arguing with them on why one should never feel sad or pity for Uday Kiran.

I do not have any sympathy for Uday Kiran, but have a lot for his wife vishita. Just imagine how the future will unfold for her,with this guilt of not being able to do anything while her dear husband was suffering.

The world is not equal. Money, Power and Ability to convince – they are very unbalanced and it’s a hard fact of life. When people complain to me that, I cannot do this because of Xyz reason – it’s just making up excuses. End of the day, if you badly want something, you will get it no matter what. You will go to great lengths to ensure things fall in place. The harder you work, the luckier you get. There are no overnight success stories, except in Movies. That too, successful ones only.

Back to the point. Uday Kiran neither planned his finances properly, neither handled the alleged relationship with Chiranjeevi’s daughter nor the second innings. A lot of heroes started their second innings by playing character roles, he still stuck on to hero roles. With the kind of fame and money life has bestowed upon him at such a young age, isn’t he irresponsible for not handling things well in life? To talk about, how many youngsters good looking then him got such a break and hattrick hits in the Industry?

Blame it on politics. Blame it on people. But, end of the day – if you are naive enough to get beaten again and again, whose fault is it? Parenting is my favorite topic, and it rears it’s head here too. His parenting didn’t teach him that he is the one responsible for whatever is happening in his life, and he is the ACTOR not the VIEWER.

When I think in a broader context, this lacks in a lot of houses. When you don’t get good marks in school, it’s because of a bad teacher. When you don’t get selected in your sports team, it’s because there are politics.It’s never you, isn’t it?

One of my favorite quotes in life is ‘God helps those who help themselves’. Can we please take responsibility for what’s happening in our life – no matter what? Being a mute spectator to the happenings in Life can only lead to such disastrous news in Media, which in turn searches for scape goats rather than dig deep.

Helplessness in life is a CHOICE. Becoming a mute spectator in your life is a CHOICE. Suicide is a CHOICE.

If these are choices, it means you have options. select an option which makes you an ACTOR, not a VIEWER.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!


One thought on “Uday Kiran commits suicide and my thoughts on it

  1. Shanthi says:

    Excuse me, but I feel your post is very judgmental. Do you really think everyone is in control of their lives? Everyone’s lives are controlled by the routine that they follow; be it a housewife, a businessman or an actor. Unfortunately for actors, they don’t have a set routine; whereas they have ups and downs (not say ups & downs are absent in other industries).

    To handle any fluctuation in life, you need to be stable. Please watch what Murali Mohan garu and Sivakrishnagaru says in interview re: this subject. When a person is not mentally stable, they do not make Conscious decisions. Don’t you remember a time when you were very angry and did something out of control like yelling at someone??? Similarly when someone is depressed or frustrated, they do feel like they are very down; they do not know what they are doing.

    Why people are empathetic only when they see patients at a hospital but don’t accept that people living in general public also have mental health issues?

    Please if you know someone who is depressed, please acknowledge that depression is a VERY REAL thing. And help them. They will not come crying to you, but you have to intervene. If nobody intervenes, this is what will happen.

    Thank you.
    PS: I don’t think so he blamed anyone, it’s media that’s always looking for stories. Since he didn’t blame anyone, I think your whole article is moot.

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