One question every entrepreneur need to ask while hiring

Bangalore has given me the opportunity to meet so many amazing people, I am grateful for the time they spend telling me their stories. One person I met yesterday gave me the most Profound experience possible, related to startup hiring.

For a corporate job, any motivation is okay. Because, if you do the minimum work you are suppose to do, you can still get on. Ask me for countless examples. But, for a startup – you need to know what the employee’s motivation is.

Ask this question –

What motivates you to join us?
See what they respond with. Read between the lines.

I didn’t and can confidently say I did few recruiting blunders.

Stay aware! Motivation & dedication can make or break a person.

Have a rocking day ahead!


Merry Christmas!

This Christmas was good. Decorations, food and frolic. Over the masti, few things that struck to me –

1) always have a rockstar team. That will get you to win. We had competition to decorate a room for Christmas,and having a good team and 2 people who could go to any extent just put us miles in front of others. We won :p
2) sometimes, what we think is not what exactly happens. When I got idli sambar as my Christmas gift, I had no words. But, soon i realized that it was a prank and lovely gifts awaited me :)))
3) the dumbest and scariest of games bring out the best in people. When guys wore sarees today, it was more fun than we thought!!

Good memories, day long fun after a very long time.

Merry Christmas everyone. Will upload our Christmas decoration competition as soon as I get one.