Happy New Year 2014!


You go to meet someone for the first time at a coffee shop. You order an ice-cream and they order a black coffee. The immediate impression you get is, the person with black coffee order is diet-conscious and the lady(me) just loves to eat, no matter what.

May be, the black coffee guy has diabetes.
May be, the black coffee guy has eaten enough sweets since morning,that he’s excusing himself from another dose of sugar.
May be, the black coffee guy gets migraine when he eats sugar(know real people who get it)
May be, the black coffee guy is really diet conscious.

For the lady –
May be, she doesn’t like the coffee prepared outside.
May be, she’s secretly celebrating her small victory in an untold way
May be, she likes to eat icecream after lunch and it’s the perfect time
May be, she just loves to eat no matter what.

When a simple situation like this can have so many permutations & combinations, your opinion is formed by the lens from which you look at. No situation is black and white, even in the eyes of performer. Who are we to take stands, opinions and conclusions?

Everyone’s biggest resolution for 2014 should be : Live and Let Live.

If you have a job, only then you are successful.
If you get married, only then you are sane.
If you are an entrepreneur, only then you are bold & creative.

If only, everyone around can stop wasting their precious brain cells forming opinions about others and let them LIVE!

The only way to measure progress is yesterday vs today, not them vs me.

Wishing all my readers a very happy & prosperous new year 2014! 


One question every entrepreneur need to ask while hiring

Bangalore has given me the opportunity to meet so many amazing people, I am grateful for the time they spend telling me their stories. One person I met yesterday gave me the most Profound experience possible, related to startup hiring.

For a corporate job, any motivation is okay. Because, if you do the minimum work you are suppose to do, you can still get on. Ask me for countless examples. But, for a startup – you need to know what the employee’s motivation is.

Ask this question –

What motivates you to join us?
See what they respond with. Read between the lines.

I didn’t and can confidently say I did few recruiting blunders.

Stay aware! Motivation & dedication can make or break a person.

Have a rocking day ahead!

Merry Christmas!

This Christmas was good. Decorations, food and frolic. Over the masti, few things that struck to me –

1) always have a rockstar team. That will get you to win. We had competition to decorate a room for Christmas,and having a good team and 2 people who could go to any extent just put us miles in front of others. We won :p
2) sometimes, what we think is not what exactly happens. When I got idli sambar as my Christmas gift, I had no words. But, soon i realized that it was a prank and lovely gifts awaited me :)))
3) the dumbest and scariest of games bring out the best in people. When guys wore sarees today, it was more fun than we thought!!

Good memories, day long fun after a very long time.

Merry Christmas everyone. Will upload our Christmas decoration competition as soon as I get one.