Happy Diwali



Firstly, wish everyone a very happy diwali. The Festival of lights, this day is famous for removing the darkness and bringing light into one’s life. What is darkness and where is light? The Diya, symbolic to knowledge will remove the darkness i.e. ignorance and fill your heart with love. Knowledge is not any knowledge – self-knowledge is the one that will set us free. So, apart from crackers and awesome sweets – let’s resolve to spend few minutes in meditation or silent contemplation of the days gone and days ahead.

While I listen to Ramayana many a days early in the morning, I am constantly reminded that all the epics, festivals and rituals had one purpose – to encourage one to look within.  So, with all the worldly pleasures luring every single day – how do you even think of looking within? The answer is to force yourself to be in good company, so that your mind gets trained to things you never think of.

Go to the temple. Visit your mosque. Never miss a sunday at Church. Train yourself to read noble thoughts or listen to great people. The more these thoughts get instilled, they will influence you. At the end of the day – you definitely have the capability to train your mind the way you want, only if tried hard enough.

I’m almost done with reading the book “I am Malala”, the Pakistani girl shot by taliban for supporting education.  The one change Malala’s book has bought in me is to respect my education even more and the capability it has instilled in me as a human being.

Happy Diwali Folks, and have a safe & prosperous one!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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