Bangalore : Finding a rental

Wednesday being a holiday, me and Vinod spent the whole day roaming around the Bangalore streets. This post is just to record my experiences in finding a rental apartment to stay.

Our office, being at Bhashyam circle – all of our management has been insisting we take the rental flat at malleshwaram. I spoke to my colleagues at work, to get a list of areas to hunt down a house. Later that night, we searched few properties in common and got a few posted by the owners. One of them called back and we scheduled an appointment for Wednesday morning 7:55 AM. The flat was at hebbal, 6 km from my office. The house was neat and the area was good. Rent was 15,000, which looked negotiable. The owner was a young guy, and he took us in his own car to view the house. A very good beginning to the day!

Next was a series of houses at malleshwaram, which ranged from bad, worst to pathetic. The area resembled koti in Hyderabad – congested lanes, shops and eateries all along and lot of temples. Pakka business area. The houses were very old and. Even lacked the lift. After viewing the houses for several hours, we were exhausted. And disappointed.

The last house we saw was at R T Nagar, a 3bhk in White House apartments. The moment I saw it, I knew this is my home! With 600 flats in the community, the apartment complex hosted a gym, swimming pool, temple, kids play area, senior citizens chatting area and much more. The area looked very peaceful and had lots of kids. Perfect for saanvi. The flat was very spacious and well lit. We had 2 agents coming with us – from our side, and from the owner’s side. The negotiation started at 20,000 rs per month and a monthly maintenance of 2,200 extra. We deferred the decision to Thursday, but deep down my heart I was convinced that this is where I would stay in Bangalore – clean and lively.

Today, we went to the owner’s place in sadashiv nagar. The experience I had at their place is the main motivation behind this blog post. We sat down for negotiation and were stuck at 18,500. We demanded 18k and the owner’s grand father wanted to rent at 18.5k.

The grand father is an old man, in his eighties and had his entire family with him to talk about the rent. I had to face a whole lot of questions about our personal lives and the kid. One middle aged lady bought us tea and biscuits. I was amazed by their hospitality – we were not even their tenants ! As we further negotiate, an old lady – the wife of the grandfather come with a plate. It has haldi, kumkum and a flower garland. I took kumkum, haldi and the garland. I took blessings from her. This gesture won my heart, and I was reminded of both my grand mothers. Further down the discussion, we agreed to 18k rent and agreed on the rent agreements. As Vinod took out his wallet to pay the token advance, they denied stating that today and tomorrow were Inauspicious for taking money. They further said that they trust us 🙂 we walked out really happy.

The flat would be ready by Monday, and I really look forward to stay in Bangalore. Hopefully, TTP would see some good days too!

Have a good day and keep rocking!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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