Top 10 Things I noticed in Bangalore in my 2 days of stay

With my company asking us to relocate to bangalore, I was forced to come here this tuesday. After an year or so at Hyderabad and spending loads of time with my daughter, I was every bit resistant to come to bangalore.  The past 2 days have been really eventful, at work and roaming around finding a house to move.

Here are the top 10 observations in my 2 days of stay, in no particular order.  

1. The street side dogs in bangalore are very healthy. I almost missed twice, in getting bitten by them. 

2. The Polices here have beach hats, in smaller sizes. I found it very funny.

3. Almost everyone speaks either english or hindi. Some even telugu too. I think i will miss the chance of learning Kannada.

4.  There are too many Pani Poori stands in bangalore. I ate at a couple of them to check their taste and they were good. Too much tamirand paste in bangalore vs too much green chili paste in hyderabad.

5. Malleshwaram is similar to Koti in Hyderabad  – good to roam around, but bad to take a house and settle down.

6. People complain about traffic, but always take their car out. Huh!

7. The price difference in a normal food eatery and a restaurant is too much.  Comparatively, the normal food eateries in bangalore are a lot, and very very reasonably priced.

8. Nandini Milk makes it presence felt at every nook and corner.

9. Cleanliness is something which needs lot of work in Bangalore. I went through the “so-called” fantastic areas of bangalore, only to find them drowned in their own garbage.

10. The Climate is really awesome. The Sun tries it’s best but you will always have chilled air roaming around you.

As I stay longer, I will serve more bangalore stories to you in my blog platter. Till then, take care!



Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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