Movie Review : Attarintiki Daaredi

I watch movies because I enjoy vinod’s company.  With no special interest in movies, movie stars and anything related to do with them – you can safely assume my review would be neutral. Let’s go into the review.


Plot : Wafer Thin. Has been told umpteen number of times in movies before.

Actors:  Pawan Kalyan, true to his name, he mesmerizes audience with his non stop humor and brings joy to all the audience.  Nadiya, a smart move by Trivikram in the role of aunt. Samantha, Pranitha and the rest of the cast – Doesn’t matter who plays them, you’d have the same impact on the audience.

Music : If not for Devi Sri Prasad, the movie’s flaws would have been highlighted much more, and it wouldn’t have been the blockbuster it is now. Hats off!!

Things that work:  Pawan Kalyan’s trademark mannerisms, dialogues and dances,  Trivikram’s punches and Music

Things that work against the film : The unconvincing track between Samantha and Pawan Kalyan, A Lot of Illogical scenes like getting the railway station empty for Pawan Kalyan and lots.

I think, a movie should be judged based on where it is made, for whom it is made and by whom it is made. I think Trivikram Srinivas is a man with brains and one’s brains don’t diminish with size.  Even a very talented film maker like hits in between, and Attarinitiki Daaredi is that attempt.  I think the director and the actor know that they need to rely heavily on music for this one to become a hit, and hence the result of massive musical blockbuster. 

Somehow, deep down my heart – I believe that the so-called flaws in this movie are intentional moves. I did enjoy the movie a lot, and my 2.5 hours are well spent.  Waiting for the masterpieces from Trivikram Sir!

Have a good day and keep rocking!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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