Movie Review : Lunchbox


I am a self proclaimed Art Movie Lover. Please don’t get me wrong –  I watch almost every movie an average telugu film lover would watch – the dhinchak, over the top action and senseless comedy. And find myself enjoying those too:)  But, my heart yearns for those silent, heart warming tales told in one person. They somehow soothe my soul, in ways I could never express…



Life just happens, and sometimes really strange things find their way to you. Irrfan Khan, who is a widower is in his last month of retirement and gets a mistaken dabba from another house. The lady who sent it is a housewife, with a never-bothered husband and school going girl.  They start exchanging notes over the Dabba, until the lady wants to meet him. So, do they meet? And what happens at the end? The beauty of the movie lies in its excellent between-the-lines dialogues, and situations that naturally lead to the happenings..

The movie has no ending, and one is left to imagine if they meet.  As an Optimist, I thought they would. It is a well crafted movie, and the lead actors do a fantastic job. Nawazuddin Siddiqui , who plays Irrfan’s Junior – is very endearing. He cuts vegetables in the metro on the way home, and is never tired of talking to the unresponsive Irrfan. Few things that stand out in the movie:

a) The beautiful depiction of Mumbai Metro and Government Office environment.  You’ll have a smile on your face, when you see Irrfan waiting for 1’O clock to see what Ila ( Nimrat Kaur) has written.

b) The notes exchanged.  In the simplest of sentences, she tells him her husband has cheated, and her dad has a lung cancer. In exchange, he tells her that the food was salty, and he got a vertical coffin with a joke that he has to stand after being dead, after standing life long in metro.

c) The point in realization for Irrfan that he is too old to give someone a new lease in Life.  Bathroom scene, followed by the train scene. One would expect him to go and meet Nimrat. He goes there, sees her and doesn’t think that they deserve a future. So, he doesn’t meet her.

d) The scene where Nimrat’s father dies and all her mother feels is hunger. When she says that her dad become no more than responsibility because the love between them died years ago, it sets the stage for Nimrat’s separation from husband.

e) Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s loneliness, but with the guts to break through the harder shells of a softer man.

f) The Climax.  An Open Ended one – they have every possibility to meet if the fate favors them. Or, she would go and live in Bhutan with her daughter, and he would probably go back to Nashik.

Every single sound in the movie was audible, and the lack of background score actually helped to bring out the beauty in the movie more. Just watch the movie for it’s sheer brilliance in story telling. You’d not regret it!

Have a good day and keep rocking!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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