How I got my family to use Clay idol of Lord Ganesha


First of all, belated Ganesh Chaturdhi for all my friends & well wishers. This is our first Ganesh Chaturdhi where we used Clay Idol of Lord Ganesha.  All these years, we were used to using the Idols which were extremely colorful and nice to the eyes. We weren’t ignorant – we knew that the idol would cause damage to the environment once immersed on the 10th day – but hey, what damage are we causing when we compare the one done at Hussain Sagar? And know what – the clay idol isn’t as beautiful as this one. So,  although I have been trying to get the clay idol last year, couldn’t succeed. So, how did it happen this time?

As usual, I started my trials few days before the festive day – and telling my family on how using a clay idol again & again. When we went out to buy one the night before, I took my husband purposefully a bit farther than usual, so that he may find any interesting clay idols. Bingo! We found one which is made of clay, but has few colors added to it. The shopkeeper admitted to colors to be synthetic, and we paid Rs. 110 for the Lord Ganesha’s Idol.  Upon purchase, Vinod says – ” I didn’t knew that clay idols could stand still like this. Adding colors is definitely appealing. Isn’t it?” We came home and the entire family was convinced by looking at the environment-friendly but less beautiful looking Idol.

I noticed a very profound thing. People are materialistic for sure.  Don’t snatch things away from them in the name of Environment or Larger Good. Sure, you want them to help you out for a better cause. But, leaving a glimpse of what they are used to, will motivate them to help out for the cause. I can surely say that the synthetic colors added on Lord Ganesha’s Idol is what made it bring home.  Isn’t it only human that we crave things we are used to? Making people appear evil, only because they don’t give up on their material things is very ODD and INCORRECT. Instead, if you truly fight for a cause – find a way to retain the status quo a little bit and bring in the change slowly.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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