Saanvi Chronicles: Her first appreciation & Criticism

Oh well, you get the look. Image

Only since the past 2 days, I begun to understand how kids grow up fast, in a blink of eye.  Saanvi gave me shockers day after day, and prompted me to write this article, to save it for my pleasant memories later on…

Situation:  Night, around 10 PM


Saanvi : Mama, I need boost now.

Me: Saanvi, shall I get you a lemonade instead? You like it, right? ( I have my practical reasons to avoid Boost at that time)

Saanvi: Yay, Lemonade is my favorite. I’ll help you make it.

So, we go to the kitchen and she helps me out with squeezing the lemon, adding sugar and mixing – more or less preparing it herself. After I taste it and adjust it to her tastebuds, she sips a bit, gives me THAT look and starts off

Saanvi: Mama, this lemonade is very sour. You did not manage to make it well – the sugar is less and the lemonade is not mixed well. Ok, remember from next time – add proper quantities of everything and mix well. And also, these lemon strands – I don’t want them. If they go in my stomach, will I not get a stomach ache? I don’t want to drink this anymore..

Me: ??!!!!!

I am quite used to Saanvi’s verbose reactions on things, and her not touching food and giving me feedback that she doesn’t like it. But, not with descriptions of the ingredients and telling me on what happens if she eats that food. God save me I thought, drank the lemonade myself and put her to bed.

Situation: Evening, around 5 PM


Me: Saanvi, would you like to drink Tomato Soup?

Saanvi : Yey yeh tomato soup, i like it! Can you quickly make it for me?

Off I go, and use the readymade tomato soup powder and get her soup ready in 10 minutes. She insists that she fed the soup herself and i go away from there. So, I sit in another room, reading some depressing news in the newspaper.

Saanvi, suddenly after some time: Mama, you made the soup really well. You added the proper salt, sugar , water and mixed it very well. I liked it and will drink it completely!

Me: So, did you like the soup?

Saanvi: Yes, and remember how you made it this time. I want the same soup everytime.

She didn’t manage to finish her bowl, but half of it really fast.

We laughed out loud, when saanvi was explaining on why the soup was good. Later , when I come to think of it – kids really turn out the way the family operates.  There is no other way. 🙂 Our family has a unique way of dissecting every food item that gets on the table, and how each spice is less / more or just right. We also talk about whether the recipe should be preserved, and a particular dish should be made exactly the way it is done now.  Kids have god blessed observation skills. So, although I was very surprised at first, a realization dawned on me slowly :  As Parents, the home is your biggest theater and you are the actors on the stage for the rest of your life. A small, tiny creature will be your audience, who will be an actor just like you, once she grows up. It is our responsibility to act well, so that tomorrow we don’t curse her on how she is doing.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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