Book Review : The Shiva Trilogy

Shiva Trilogy


The long wait is over and I am finally done the 3 part series for The Shiva Trilogy, written by debutante author Amish Tripathi. I read the book until people were fed of me being unresponsive, and started the next day again! It’s time to review the Magnum Opus – long pending book on Indian Mythology.

The first book is called : Immortals of Meluha. Lord Shiva is depicted as a tribal coming from Himalayas whose throat turns blue on drinking a specific drink. And he gets hailed as Mahadev, with Emperor looking upto him to save the mighty Suryavanshi empire. What unfolds is a massive battle with Chandravanshi empire resulting in their destruction, but not complete mental surrender. The highlight of the first part is expecting reader to have the mindset of assuming Lord Shiva as a chillum seeking tribal, swearing wherever appropriate. But, the character is so endearing that it is so easy to understand what Shiva does and why.

The second part is called: The Secret of Nagas. A ostensibly evil Naga tribe is introduced, while depicting their good in parts. The readers are led to thinking they must be evil and misled again by thinking they cannot be evil, going by the good deeds they happen to do.  The strange & mysterious connection between the biggest Suryavanshi empire and Nagas is revealed, and we can only feel sorry for their plight.  The Lord of People Ganesh surely wins your heart by the time the book is completed. The definition of evil is almost established but not completely revealed to the readers by the end.

The Third part is called: The Oath of Vayuputras.

Finally what is Evil, and when does the Greatest Good becomes Greatest Evil? Somras, the life enhancing drink which prevailed good all these hundreds of years turns Evil, with so many negative effects – making the sufferers appear Evil.  This book has elaborate battles described,and the imagination of the reader will make their eyes wide open with the grandeur described, and moist with the valor with which Sati, the better half of Lord Shiva fights with her own father’s people.

After I finished reading the book, i took a day for me to sink in the entire concept. Amish’s writing is BRILLIANT. The Characters are aptly chosen, and the Kshatriya Era is very well presented. There are 4 things I found very interesting in this book:

1. The Central Theme. Good & Bad are the same sides of coin. Greatest Good is what becomes Greatest Evil, once the benefits start causing negative consequences. Amish had Lord Shiva cause entire destruction, retaining the formula for good in his book.

2. The discussions between Lord Shiva, the NeelKanth and Vasudev Tribe. This tribe is the one leading to all the intellectual discussions, that help Neelkanth find out what the Evil is.

3. The Love of Emperor Daksha towards his daughter Sati. Not everyone who loves you so deeply is capable of understanding you. It is heart breaking to read how his love towards his daughter finally ends up in her brutal killing.  Daksha tries hard to prove that he is more worthy than his father, and in that process he ends up destroying the fate of Devagiri, along with his & his wife’s.

4. Lord Shiva is Neelkanth, the chosen one not because he has the capabilities – but simply because he owned the responsibilities entrusted to him and lived upto it’s expectations. Not even once did Shiva doubt his capabilities of judging the evil incorrectly, and never did he contemplate to move back to Himalayas to escape the unwarranted worship he received throughout the book. Greatness comes from a decision to take up the responsibility and not turning back under any circumstances. Also, often greatness is accompanied by extreme personal sacrifices and unending agony for lifetime.

The book left me in a philosophical mindset, and overall – I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Set aside some peaceful time of atleast 2 hours in stretch to read this book. Otherwise, you wouldn’t appreciate being disturbed at a particularly breathtaking moment in the book. Strongly recommend all book lovers to give a read.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!



Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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