Reason for Conflicts : An Eye Opener


My Dad is an awesome person and sends us an inspiring quote to start our day. I cannot thank Late Steve Jobs enough to make the technology happen and so easily integrate it into our daily lives.  Back to point : Today, I got the above quote that got me really thinking. After pondering over a while, I must say that this is the single most factor that determines the quality of relationships in their life.

Who does not have Conflict with others? Every single person I know – from 3 year old daughter Saanvi to 80 year old grand-grand mom, I have seen them disagreeing with others at some point of time. However, some do it gracefully, and the others just do it. In the heart of hearts, you always wish that you are always correct and probably, every other person disagreeing with you are always wrong. ┬áThat is rarely the case. When we get confronted by others, the ego in us rises its ugly head in the form of higher tone/ wrong tone of voice, stupidly assuming that higher tone will lead to upper hand in the argument. Although, the reverse is exactly true.

Once the conflict is over, immediately we realize that the harsh tone was unnecessary, morever the stressing of your opinion is often unasked and unrequired 99% of the times. So, next time before raising your voice to shout your opinion on others, just think over 2 things:

1. Am I really required to present my opinion here?

2. Do I need to make sure my opinion to be correct over every other person?

You will be surprised that 99.9% of the times – the answer to both the questions will be NO. As my favorite book’s favorite author says – Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. And It’s All Small Stuff.

Have a good weekend and keep rocking!!