A Must Watch TEDxGateway Inspiring Talk by Ruma Roka!

I believe that, everyone in life has a purpose.  Ruma Roka, who spoke so passionately at TEDxGateway Mumbai has found her purpose in helping Deaf & Dumb people a honorable life.  A bored home maker with no deaf people in her home, she started learning Sign language and started her journey with a small step.  She spoke to lot and lot of people – Everyone , Parents, Organization and the deaf people themselves needed convincing that Deaf & Dumb can be productive employees of an organization.  What started off in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment flat with 6 students is now spread out to 580 people, who work in Multi national companies.

I’d like to mention one striking truth from her talk. The deaf people who are employed at various companies have proved themselves valuable to their organizations and have gone ahead to win “Best Employee” Awards!!  As they cannot hear & listen the outside world, the noise ratio is zero and hence they focus more on their work. Isn’t this a wonderful blessing in disguise?

Hatsoff to Ruma Roka for giving these deserving people a hope on life. More than that, when I see videos like these, my faith in humanity increases by manyfold inspiring me to think on how to make the society better.

Franklin Templeton Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012.


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