Saanvi Chronicles : chinna pani

Parenting is fun and kids are the best mind readers in the world. The moment you think you know it all – they just make sure you are so wrong. And when you throw up your hands and admit that you are the worst parent in the world – they give you a virtual trophy of the best mom and prove you wrong again!

With saanvi sick again since the last week, she has been making sure I use up all my day’s energy by 11am in the morning. I have been alternating through this phase of I can’t – I can phase since few weeks and it’s time to recollect some gems my daughter had thrown at me .

1. Ye nanna laddoo kavala konukkundamu : If you guys remember that AD of Cadbury shots, one day we told her what the lead character says. Since then, it’s her favorite. We take her out just to buy one for her. It is extremely pleasing to note that, she asks every single one in the family if they want the thing she’s getting.

2. Amma, chinna pani chesi pettu : what this means is – mom, help me out with this little thing. I laughed until I had tears in my eyes when I first heard this. While I use this to distract her from tantrums, I was surprised to see her so effectively using back at me.

I keep getting lot of bouncers day in and day out. One more :

Saanvi friends tho saanvi matladali, Amma friends tho amma matladali.

3. Naaniya : This is Saanvi’s nickname for her dad. One day, she got up and started calling him Naaniya. Now, if she wants her father’s attention – she just keep roaming around him saying the word again and again.

4. Manam ippudu emi aadukundamu : when we feed saanvi, we made her play a lot. So, now when she knows we are going to feed her. She herself comes up with the ultimate question of – what game am I getting to play now? More often than not, I found that feeding becomes easy once we have settled to a game of get choice.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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