If my daughter would write a book..?

I like reading books. Ever since my daughter is born(3 years ago), my bulk of waking hours are spent dealing with her one way or the other. While trying to convince her to do something, I always give her logical reasons. And she has the best answer in the world to everything I speak : NO.

In a particularly happy mood, I had the weird thought that if saanvi would write a book, what would it be? Here is the TOC as per my wild imagination :

Title: How to get what you want, all the time

Table of Contents :

1. Know what you want. Tips to help you find out your needs, desires and character

As a kid, I find it really strange that she has opinions at this age and enforces them so brutally on us. So, I would expect her to think that everyone knows what they want.

Her tip would be to listen very very keenly to every single sentence uttered at home, irrespective of they are talking to you or not. If the topic is about you, just pick up your needs and character from there.

2. Proven tactics to get what you want.

There are many number of ways to get what you want. One is by being a good girl. Other is by being stubborn. The best part is, find out which person is most likely in a mood to do what you want, and simply go and show childish charms. Your work will be done.

3. How to survive without eating anything

Saanvi has a Ph.D in this topic. Reply with NO for any question related to food. Next, demand the family to feed you no matter what. Tell them you’d like to play while eating. And once they fall into your trap, just play play and play. Once they are frustrated of feeding you, they will give up and go away.

4. How to bring anyone in home to a good mood

If someone is really angry with you, for whatever reason – go crawling towards them and give them a bear hug and a big kiss. You bet they’d kiss you back.

If you find someone sad, go and ask them why they are sad. Get them to play your favorite games. See how happy they become.

That’s it for now guys. She would be turning 3 soon and is one of the most mischevious kids I have encountered. Apple of our eye and sunshine of our life – life with saanvi is very rewarding.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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