3 Reasons on why I decided to Meditate everyday


For people who know me really close, they know exactly why I need to meditate : so that I become more bearable for them.  However, why I do think I need to meditate? Over time, I had my love-hate relationship with meditation. I started and stopped a few times, and had some great moments in between. As I start to get into the habit again, this time it looks like it’s gonna stick around with me – meditating nonstop everyday since last 15 days for 15 minutes each day.

Here are my top 3 reasons to meditate:

1. It helps me know what elephants jumping in my mind forest. The moment i close my eyes and sit, the first 10 minutes are constant wave of thoughts from the things that are going on in my head in the recent days and present. This is a very important thing – It helps me realize what I keep talking about the whole day, before my close ones tell me, after they are bored with my nonstop self chattering.

2. Solutions to unasked Problems. Often, when I sit in meditation, it’s like i am sitting with a teacher who knows exactly what things are going on in my mind and what solutions I am seeking. Without asking, often the teacher says things that will help me to take correct decisions along the way. Some great learnings and solutions have come to me while i sit in those few minutes of peace. A lot of times, I got to know things from other people’s perspective in those few lines that struck to me while i sat silent.

3. Increase my Self-Confidence. A bit weird, but true. For me, sitting doing nothing is something rare, and sitting with eyes closed and doing nothing is actually SCARY. If I could sit with my eyes closed, let my thoughts dance for 15 minutes – I have a gut feel that I can do anything in this world. Or Atleast, I know my limits well 🙂 Also, it teaches me PATIENCE – All good things come to us, when we wait enough. Everyday, I progress a little and it tell me that although at a snail’s pace – things are moving in the right direction.

My yoga teacher told me that a person should meditate atleast the amount of time equal to his age. Which means, I should be meditating more than 30 minutes! That’s double the amount. Double the effort and countless the benefits! As I keep progressing in my meditation, will chronicle the changes that have taken place in my life.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!

* Photo Credit: www.casnocha.com


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