Movie Review : Balupu



Vinod is back in hyderabad and it’s movie time! 🙂 He is a huge movie buff and I just love enjoy doing anything- when it’s with him. I do not harbor any particular interest in movies, but i go along to have good time with him. And most of the times, the movies prove my decision correct.

Recently, we watched Prema Katha Chitram and it was a blast. Today, encouraged by the positive reviews, we booked tickets online. After feeding Saanvi, we just entered the theater 5 seconds before the movie started. But then, finally BEFORE the movie started!! That was indeed a good start to the movie.

Balupu – it has almost all the things working for it, except music by Thaman. Sorry, please do what you are better at – background score. Mind blowing background score and exceptionally crappy music.

The story is not new to Tollywood : First half engages in decent comedy and the interval scene introduces us to Faction. The second half was more blood shed but a twist in the faction made it worth watching without any effort.  Highlights of the movie are Gangnam Style dance by Sruthi Hasan & Brahmanandam and IPL Tune Dance at the end, interwoven into the last fight sequence. I did not expect them at all and was in for a pleasant surprise.

The bonding between Prakash Raj & Ravi Teja is one of the highlights of the movie. The first half shows their father – son relationship, while the second half shows their rivalry. Both of them carried their roles with elan. Sruthi Hasan was such a treat to watch – I just loved her energy in all the comedy scenes with Brahmanandam. The effort she’s put in maintaining herself can be well seen on the screen and deserves special appreciation. Anjali was average, her standout moment was the last hospital scene.

All said and done – Forget your baggage back home, take the ticket and go for a fun ride!! If you are a moderate movie fan and not a strictly-art-lover, just watch the movie and enjoy.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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