My breakfast : 3 Dosa + 1 Love


Dosas are very common breakfast in our house. Accompanied with yummy chutneys and  hot piping Sambar, we savor every bit of the dosa. Why the strange title? Arent’ dosas a common breakfast in south indian household? Yes, I know you are asking me this. But, my breakfast special is the “+1 Love” in my breakfast.

No matter how many dosas i eat, the “+1 Love” never changes in my breakfast. There is a story behind this. When I got newly married 6 years back, we had dosa as breakfast in our home. I was the first one to eat, and My mother in law was serving me Dosa. 1,2,3,4 … i kept eating and she kept giving. I told her i was full at the end of 4th Dosa. She insisted me to take “1 More!” . Being new daughter in law, I couldn’t really go against her suggestion. Finally, I ended up taking 3 more and only after i told her that i just couldn’t eat more than this any single time of my eating session. Later, my husband and sister in law ate their dosas and their “Enough Maa!” started right after 3 Dosas and they too managed to stop only after 6-7 dosas each.

Back home, at my mom’s place – we all subconsciously think that we are adults enough to take decisions. No one hardly asks the other to eat beyond what they’ve put on their plate. To be frank, we are so engrossed in other topics of discussion that we hardly notice how many dosas each person has eaten. After marriage, it was a big shift for me – simply because the focus has shifted to me, my plate, the number of dosas i was eating, and the amount of chutney i was consuming. And whether I was multitasking during eating. Initially, it was very pressurizing for me. The whole experience.

Slowly, I got used to it. I knew my mother in law would always ask “1 more”  after I say “enough”. So, I started playing around and started saying “enough” only after 2 dosas. It didn’t work well though – she thoroughly ignored and i still ate the same amounts.

Now, after 6 years of marriage – you know what i do? I savor the “1 Love” dosa she makes for us. It’s her maternal instinct to make sure her kids are really well fed and she will always ask us to eat one more, just in case. I’ve upped my dosa quantity to match her expectation. And boy, that was so easy! I just had to eat 2 more dosas and i can see the happy glow on her face for filling my stomach.

So, now you know my secret? Welcome home, we would be glad to serve you our lovely dosas + “1 Love” 🙂

Have a good day and keep rocking!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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