Saanvi Chronicles : First headbath without a tear

headbath for kids
Happy head bath.
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How I wish my kid’s bathtime was so pleasant! Don’t get me wrong. Saanvi really likes water. To the extent that she insisted of going to the swimming pool every single day while we were in Sydney. And boy, she learnt to float using the inflated support type (not sure what the swimming name is). But, she hated the feeling of water flowing all through her body, right from her top. And to top that, she gave me a really hard time to wipe her head, which caused her to be cold patient very very frequently. Although she has really nice and soft hair, these things made me cut her hair already 3 times now. Whenever I cut her hair, I would sigh deeply inside and say to myself on when she will grow up to maintain her hair.

Well, the time has come – today! With kids, everyday is a surprise. Whatever they eat today will be detested tomorrow. And whatever they feared today, tomorrow it will be part of their routine effortlessly.  But, as a parent – it is our responsibility to make the transition effortlessly as possible.

Here is the sequence of events from “crying to the roof top” to “sitting happily through head bath” for Saanvi:

1. She doesn’t like head bath. I cannot get her to the bathroom to do head bath. There are a couple of instances where we did not bathe her for 2 days, because SHE JUST DOESN’T WANT TO COME IN.

2. A norm was that, she would keep crying all the while during headbath and I would go on with whatever i was doing. I tried to soothe her by telling all kinds of rhymes and stories, but if i remember correctly, she would cry even loudly when I started talking.

3. Saanvi loves me doing things. Usually, I try not to let her watch me bathing. But, whenever she gets to catch me doing headbath – that’s the perfect time to let her “copy” me. I would tell her that mummy doesnt cry because it doesn’t hurt when you pour water from your head to your toe. Even if water trickles down, it is okay.

4. Slowly, I started noticing her pattern with other things and applied the same here. Usually, she hates surprises and is good if informed on what is happening with her. One day, I told her that she is gonna have her head washed now.  She cried lesser than earlier times, which was a good sign for me.

5. Next step was to appreciate what she did. I told every single one in the family that Saanvi cries very less because she is told in advance. And she is a very good girl. I could see her beaming with pride.

6. Today, the D-day. When I told her she would be bathing her head, to my surprise – she closed her eyes, sat still and told me : “SAANVI WOULDN’T CRY BECAUSE MUMMY TOLD ME BEFOREHAND!!”. It was my turn to get shocked now. Pleasant ofcourse!! 🙂 The entire saga finished so effortlessly.

Today is one of the first for Saanvi. Over time, I have come to realize that I need to shut up to let me & everyone else know how Saanvi is progressing through her toddler phases.

I hope these tips help atleast one mom who is plucking her hair in frustration regarding this issue.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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