Happy Father’s Day : Things my Dad taught me without talking about them

Dad and Mom

This pic was taken at Jurong Bird Park, Singapore. One of my most favorite pics. Although today is Father’s day, I can never post a single pic of him. He’s incomplete without my mother beside him 🙂 On this special day, my mind has been busy compiling the list of things I learnt from my Father. We are talkative people but things wander mostly around materialistic things. It is always correct that kids copy “everything” their parents do. Thankfully, I’m no exception. My Dad taught me a lot of things without talking about them. Just by doing the right things, however difficuilt they may be.

In no order of importance, below are the things I learnt from my Dad:

1. No matter what, always love your family. Never Judge them. There are umpteen instances where he felt cornered and mistreated by his own loved ones, but I never once saw him decide whether they deserve him. Instead, he just went with the flow.

2. GIVE things for the joy of giving. And never expect any return. Whatever the thing may be – buying things for your loved one, spending time to listen and advise you. You are fortunate enough in this life to be able to give something to someone.

3. Treat your life partner like a QUEEN. (KING for gals). They may not be perfect as a person, but they are perfect for you. Be willing to look beyond the superficial differences and unite with the soul of the person.

4. Have the courage to let your kids live their life. I really cannot write this point without tears in my eyes.  When I wanted to marry the guy of my choice, he tested my decision with his wisdom. He stood beside me like a rock and made my transition to the choice of my life easy.

5. You are never old to learn new things. At 52, he bought his first gadget.  And ever since then, he uses technology to keep himself busy and updated. A Lot of time, he will be the one suggesting Apps on the iphone to me, not the other way round!

6. Be Satisfied with your life.  There are mistakes, there are glories – and there are always regrets on things we shouldn’t but we did and things we should but we didn’t. Take everything in your stride. End of the day, satisfied life is the best life.

Thank You Dad, for being wonderful inspiration in my Life. Afterall, I’m a “Daddy’s Girl” since young for a good reason you see:) My deepest desire is to be able to pass on these happy-life-secrets to my kids, as effortlessly as he did to us.


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

2 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day : Things my Dad taught me without talking about them”

  1. Thank you my dear!!! You are all our Assets and precious gems God gifted to us. I sometimes feel I could have done things better but for the situations I was in. When I look back I am a fully satisfied human being and I am never complete without your mother!! Well said . Love you ra!!!!

    With love and blessings

    Amma &Nanna

  2. Long live my dear . I felt so emotional reading your writeup.
    My child has grown up to realise this world.
    Move on with confidence in life.
    Fortunate to have such a wonderful caring wife and children like YOU.

    With love

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