Why I was silent for 2 full days?!!


Why am I suddenly writing about Silence? Sometimes, it just happens that you feel so compelled to write about a thing and you can’t do anything but write about it. So, at this moment – I want to write about Silence. For a full 2 days, I remained silent. Reason – not so big, not so small. In retrospect, I think the reason was incorrect.  However, Silence made me realize it. My family did not appreciate my silence, but I told them : “If I am silent, you will only remember that I was needlessly silent once in a while. But, If some unnecessary thing comes out of my mouth, that will hurt you and haunt me forever”. They agreed but still did not like my silence.

When should one be silent?  Silence is not the same as being calm. You should always aim to be calm, but not being silent. Calmness is a relaxed state of mind. Silence is guiding yourself to stop giving opinions, to stop looking at things you generally look , to go within. When you are silent and tell yourself that for a day, just hold back whatever comes to your mind – over time, the way you look at things will change in a single Day. Of course, it is not possible when only a couple stays together, but in general – in a social setting, if you have any self feedback and want to change, practice silence for a day. People will squint and nudge you to be your usual self, but nonetheless try and be silent. Write a journal on your thoughts during the day.

After you finish the day’s silence – go to sleep. Get up the next day and meditate. Watch all the feelings float in front of you and be the observer. After meditation is finished, grab a cup of coffee and go back to your usual self. Silence is worth it, if practiced correctly. Do not mistake it for keeping your face sulked throughout the day. It’s a wonderful way to go within while going on about your chores. The only thing you do not do is to open your mouth and keep doing the same mistakes again and again.

In my opinion, every one must be silent for at least a day in a month. This will work wonders to the practitioner and people surrounding him as well.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!


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