Breakfast : Sabudana Vada /Sago Vada

This is one long pending vada recipe. Everytime I bring sago, I am so tempted to make yummy khichdi that i never got around to make this. This time, when i saw the 1/4 kg of sago brought from store, I immediately made my mind to make it for dinner. The vada turned out awesome and everyone at my home really liked it. Here we go:


Sago : 1/4 kg

Potatoes : 5 medium sized

Green chillis : 10-12 coarsely grinded ( Adjust according to taste)

Ginger : 1 medium piece, cut into small pieces

Curry leaves : A big sprig

Salt : To taste

Rice flour : Depending on the amount required


1. Soak sago in water for atleast 4 hours. Make sure the water is just enough to soak sago and no extra water remains in it when the soaking is complete.

2. Boil potatos, mash and keep aside.

3. Mix the sago, mashed potatoes,  coarsely grinded greenchillis, ginger and curry leaves and salt.

5.  Heat the oil and deep fry vada.

Serve hot with chilli sauce.


1. If water remains after sago is soaked for enough time, do squeeze out sago and make sure no water remains.

2. When I tried the first batch of sago vada, it split in oil. What I did was to add some rice flour and then the vada did not break. This is a general tip.

3.  Start the vada frying process as soon as you add salt in the mixture. Delaying it will cause the vada to break.

Have a nice day and keep rocking!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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