Saanvi Chronicles : Of Not Eating food and other things

I’m at home with my daughter since last August.  Working from home. Saanvi has enriched my life in ways more than one in the last 10 months. I pampered her more than required, I shouted on her and I cried. There have been awesome things too. I got to spend time with her more than i could ask for. Anyday once she grows up, I would have lot of stories to tell her about her childhood. Meanwhile, my daughter’s busy giving me lessons on parenting.

Fondly, I always call her my personal PTP : Patience Training Programme.  Here is the series of events that happened since Last 20 Days:

Day 20 : Saanvi was sneezing non stop. I did nothing.

Day 19: Saanvi still sneezing. I gave her Allegra 5 ml. Stopped her school on that day. She played her usual self, no complaints.

Day 18: Saanvi has stopped sneezing. I did not give her any medication. She still skipped her school.

Day 17: All medication stopped completely, I sent her to school normally.

Day 14 : Her Father came from Gurgaon. All excited, she took her food normally for the next 2 days.

Day 11:  Saanvi’s food intake has stopped completely. We both are worried, along with the entire family.

Day 10:  Saanvi goes to the Doctor. After examination, he puts her on cough syrup for a week as she has flum and cold syrup for a week. And on Iron tonic for 3 months, as she looks very anemic. I feel so ashamed of my parenting : After staying at home for 10 months, now she is in a position to take iron tablets.

Day 9: We started Iron syrup.

Day 8 : I started Cough syrup, gave her once out of 3 times recommended.

Day 7 – Yesterday :No Cough Syrup.  iron tonic administered with syringe for the last 3 days.

Day 4 – Day 1 : Total food stopped. Her entire food comprised of 1 glass milk, 4-5 spoons of rice. And water. No  motion passed. I tried all possible ways and her standard answer is : “saanvi does not want any food. ” I even let her starve and she did not come back for food, making me even more guilty.

Today morning : I heard her coughing and felt the flum again. I was an idiot to think the flum will disappear on its own. Administered the cough syrup and all the flum was out as vomiting.  No School today. As compensation to the scoldings she had for the past few days, going to toys shop now. Ofcourse, did not tell her this reason.

Whoever reads this, will declare that i am either the most irresponsible mother on earth, or i am just born with a mission of not following doctor’s advise. Even I thought so for a good hour today. What made me to not give her cough medicine after instruction from doctor?

1. The gut feeling that it will disappear on its own, since there are no physical symptoms.

2.  Laziness

3.  Saanvi resisting any kind of medicine, making this task an unpleasant one for me to do.

All the above are true. However, I learnt few valuable lessons today :

1. No matter Saanvi looks cured the moment we come back from hospital, it’s mandatory to give her all the instructed doses until the course is complete.

2. My Laziness has to be with matters related to me, not Saanvi.

Of all the things, I’m proud of one thing I did : I finally realized that it’s not Saanvi’s fault. Although she’s tall for her age and has elder’s behavior patterns, she cannot play so many tantrums to be hungry for 3 days straight. Having this empathy with her made me realize all my other mistakes. I’m glad I did.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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