Water Woes and Lessons Learnt

waterI live in independent duplex house.  Everyday, we have motor running for about 1 hr to 1.5 hr to keep the water flow running in the house. Yesterday was no different until my mother in law felt a burning smell coming from the motor. She switched off and we had enough water for the day. At 7 PM, my father in law saw the tap dry and asked us to switch the motor on. BANG! The motor does not run !!!!! What do we do now?  As with usual Indian households, we do have our electrician numbers in a small diary. And mind you, all the numbers exist only in the diary and that is THE Scared book in our house. So, we rang to our family electrician who was out of town only to return next day morning.  After filling up all the buckets in the house with help from our neighbor, we called another electrician who is a frequent to our opposite house. He came, took the motor with him and He Went. It was supposed to get fixed by today afternoon. So, the only thing I did since yesterday night was to wait to get the motor fixed. I never slept in my whole life with 1/2 bucket water in my room and did not face any water trouble so far.

Came afternoon and brought the motor. After fixing it and see the water flow, we rewarded the electrician and let him go. We had powercut for half an hour as soon as the electrician went. Once the power is back, I was hoping to have a nice bath and relax myself. As the water did not flow in any of the taps except one, the house entered in a panic mode. We called the electrician again, who said the only option is to open the pipes going to the water source and see if he can do something. If there is really no underground water, even he cannot help us. Pretty simple and straight forward. As our usual electrician was supposed to come to the city today, we let this guy go and called him. He said he would come around 5 PM. All the water that was left in the house was 1 bucket in total.  I started looking out for water tanker options. Isn’t it good to have some water saved at home, if again the motor suddenly turns its back against us?  Relaxed throughout the day so far, I even preached my folks that this isn’t a life emergency and we will get it fixed. My fuse blew when I started searching for water tankers. After calling almost 75 numbers in a span of 1 hour, I was frustrated and tired.  Only 3 of them supplied water tankers, and none to my area.  None of the numbers I missed called me back. Yeah, it’s summer and they are in water business. Quite understandable.

As my father in law came back from work, he learnt the entire story. Our usual electrician was on the way and we had lost all our hopes on him.  My FIL brought another trusted electrician to check the motor. He too said that the pipes had to be opened and things need to get replaced, mostly.  We argued with the decision of getting this repaired. What IF we didn’t have ground water at the end? What IF we had? Finally, at 7 PM we decided to get the pipes out and try to get it repaired.

After 2.5 hours of uncertainity and replacement of 3 parts, the motor was finally fixed. But, what was also fixed is my negligence towards water. I know what you are thinking and don’t hate me please. I never had a situation in my life where I need to be cautious OR the water in front of me was all the water I had. So, my attitude is very natural. After marriage, my husband and later my mother in law observed my water habits and nudged me to be more careful. Afterall, there is a saying that your expenses will be as good as your water spending habits. But, I always squinted them for their miserly habits and carried on with wasting water. Today is the day. What did I learn finally?

1. Water is precious. And you will only realize when you dont have it. So, if you waste it often, you will get the realization even more often.

2. We had 2 buckets and my mother in law wanted to bathe with one of the bucket water. Even Saanvi hadn’t bathed since morning. I was miffed at her choice of keeping herself clean. But, when I cooled down myself by watching some nonsense on TV, I was again drawn to my own limitation of “setting expectations” trap. And when I dropped expectations on her behavior, I turned my usual self.

3. Make your things priority. Had i bathed Saanvi in the morning, I would have water adjusted accordingly.

4. The Water Suppliers facility in Hyderabad is utterly pathetic. I wished today that i disappear from Hyderaba d for ever in all the summers.

5.  Independent houses in far off areas are good – atleast for the simple reason that they have abundance of ground water supply. Apart from the privacy I enjoy, water has to be the next best reason to like my home now.

6. By evening, everyone at home was exhausted and started picking up on each other vehemantly. What I did was to go upstairs and finish up the article pending for The Rodinhoods website. That is the best thing I did today – If you cannot contribute positively, please stay away from the discussion.

7. Saanvi was at her worst from the past 2 days – ALL The food is practically rejected. So, when she rejected her dinner, all my policies went haywire. What followed was shouting on Saanvi, Saanvi crying and me crying.  If I’d have taken a short break and watched the nonsense TV Again, may be I wouldn’t have put my day’s frustration out on her. Lesson learnt again.

Hopefully, my folks at home will be happy with my decision to use water judiciously.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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