Book Review : To kill a mockingbird


Some books are timeless classics. When I logged into Quora and was tired of seeing no updates, i joined the group “Books” to see a question on which books should one read ( The one question that all book related groups must have). I knew a few, but not a lot of them mentioned. Quite a lot of them mentioned this book, so I had the urge to read it. After reading it, I think the time spent reading this book was really the best investment of time in the recent past.

The book is narrated from the eyes of an 8-year old Jean, who stays with her dad Atticus and her older brother Jem.  They stay in a sober place called Marycomb which has 4 different kid of folks : The Negros being the last.  Jean, along with Jem and Dill spends her summers wondering why their neighbor Boo Radley never comes out and spends plans devising a way of getting him out. As they grow older, they hear people cursing their father for defending a nigger( negro). They learn that their father is arguing a case in court, defending the negro against a rape case on a white women. Atticus is modest and a role model every person should have in their life. As he aruges the case in court and loses it, the accused Tom is shifted to Jail. He gets shot dead while trying to run away. The argument in the court are the excellent pieces of the book. As days pass on, we are taken to understand how life functions usually – everything is forgotten. Towards the end, when Jean and Jem come back from their school function late in the night – the father of the raped girl tries to kill them but they manage to escape. When Heck, the sheriff of Maycomb goes to investigate – he finds him dead. Atticus, the man of character wants to acquit Jem of murder – but Sheriff tells him that a black man is dead without any reason and now the man who is responsible is dead. It goes without saying that, the sheriff killed Bob Ewell.  What a fantastic ending!

It only shows that Law is not everything. In the heart of hearts, people are good and just want their chance to prove it. It’s not a question of black or white, in the eyes of god everyone is created equal. Although we become more senseless as we grow up, the story as told from an 8-year old’s perspective is told to every single human being. Mockingbird symobolises an innocent person and it’s never a wise idea to kill a mockingbird. The sin will come back to you, eventually.

I cannot rate this book, it’s a masterpiece. Grab the copy and just read it.

Have a great day and keep rocking!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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