Meditation Notes : Day 2


You all must be wondering, what happened to Day 1 or rather is it some kind of start-and-stop thing again? True, I always live upto my and other’s expectations. It’s only that the expectations are not great enough.

The other day, I had written a post about Alok Kejriwal and it fetched me an interview with him the next day. The whole thing was magical. The interview was a breeze, but what stuck with me most was the ending words of the interview : “Saraswathi, try to meditate for 5-10 minutes everyday!”.  I almost forgot it in ecstasy of getting to interview Alok until my yoga trainer came home at 4 PM.  I asked an yoga teacher to come home and teach me all the correct ways of doing asanas for a week. Although her house was far, she graciously agreed.  Although meditation wasn’t part of the deal, she always asked us to meditate for 10 minutes at the end of the class. We started into an unexpected discussion on the last day and the talk went on for more than half an hour. She told me that, through meditation you get to access higher energy levels. And through meditation, you will reap lot of benefits.  Over time, the discussion went more deep and it was clear i was getting enough signals from the universe that it is high time i start meditating.

It’s not that i never meditate. I have started on several occassions, and stopped as usual. The time i took was 2 minutes, and I found myself without any thoughts. So, my reaction: Why i am already without thoughts, why do i need to meditate? Logics apart, my actions at certain situations present a dire need to go in a cave, close my eyes and meditate.

Long story short, I have decided to meditate and this time – give it the best shot I can. I have decided to start with 15 minutes.

May 22 – Day 1 Meditation Notes

The 15 minutes went away in breeze. I had lot of thoughts, but as far a i remember, the thoughts started fading out and I had lot of time in deep concentration.  Few nasty thoughts occured in the mind, and I knew these thoughts very well – they keep coming to me very often.

May 23 –  Day 2 Meditation Notes

It’s harder than i thought. 15 minutes today seemed like eternity. It was worst than keeping my eyes open – I did not have a single second of free time today. My mind just kept hopping between atleast 3-4 things. As per the rule, I brought myself to focus on my breath, but that focus was really short lived. Another thought would come over like tsunami over my already troubled mind.  Most of my thoughts revolved around unfinished works I need to do today or over a course of time. I’m glad i finished today – I had a strong urge to open my eyes and stop meditating.

Let’s see how Day 3 unfolds


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