Aashiqui 2 Songs….


Once in a while, songs come which will come that will never go away from your favorite list – no matter how many years later. Usually, i am more informed of new hindi songs and i try hard to make vinod listen them. All the time i stayed outside of house, I’ve had north indian colleagues as friends, north indians as room mates. My hindi connection goes a long way – the period i stayed in sholapur made me like hindi as a beautiful and expressive language. But, i don’t know why i stopped listening to hindi songs – or rather a correct word is : Listening to any kind of songs. When Vinod came from gurgaon and introduced me to Aashiqui 2 songs – I had mixed reactions : Embarassment on why i did not discover these gems and Extreme happiness that he introduced me to them. I played them every single day and did not felt bored so far. These songs have to be listened with one caveat though : If you are sad, just avoid.

Here are the links to the most beautiful songs:





A word about the female singer of the song “Chahun Main Ya Naa” Palak Muchhal. She , along with her brother has been singing in India and abroad to raise funds for poor children who need financial assistance for the medical treatment of heart disease. To date, she has collected 556 dolls as an indication of the lives she has saved. Quite an inspiring personality at the age of 21 – read about her in wikipedia.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!


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