How to instantly stop your toddler from crying?

SAM_3542Today, an interesting thing happened. I must share with you all. After my daughter Saanvi has officially got the status of a toddler, her screams have gotten louder and louder. Usually ,my techniques involve distracting her. They work best during daytime because the whole word is wide awake and you have lot of things to distract her with. What about bed times? After having a particularly eventful and playful day, my daughter just bought my iPhone with her on the bed and started watching videos in dark room. I was very very worried that her beautiful eyes will get spoiled because of the dark room and bright light from the iphone. Considering the situation, age and the time of the day – I did not find reasoning a very good option. I once told her why watching iphone at that time is not good for her and immediately snatched the phone off her hands. Everyone with kids can imagine what might have happened – she cried at the top of her voice, with no tears in her eyes yet. I had a bright bulb in my mind – I slept beside her and started rubbing my ear. I told her it hurt me a lot. She started becoming curious and asked me what happened. I told her something hurt me while coming back, and i have to rub for some time to settle it down. After I engaged her with my fake ear pain for 2 minutes or so, she started to smile and help me come out of my pain. I was relieved and so was she. Finally, saanvi went off to sleep quite peacefully.

Lesson learnt: Any time of the day, do what is good for your kid. Find a way to manage their tantrum afterward. Never give in to their demands when you fully know that it is bad for them. Be creative and find ways to distract them.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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