Saanvi Chronicles: enduku ala ..!

It is fun to recollect what your kids have done, after they have stopped doing it. These series of blog posts are just for that one purpose – record Saanvi’s cute little and annoyingly original words before she and me forget and move on to more interesting one-liners. Here we go:

a) Enduku Ala : Now, she really has to understand what makes mommy behave in a certain way. Imagine, i sit at my laptop and smile at a joke that appears on my facebook newsfeed, I immediately have a CID Question: ” Mamma, why are you laughing”? Then I answer her that it’s the joke. She goes away. After a while, when I try to feed her, and she keeps refusing,  I tell her – ” Little Devil, show me your teeth. Have you any??”. She opens her mouth only to ask me.. “Why did you call me Little Devil”?. As of today, I get atleast 20 – 25 questions every single day questioning my facial expressions, actions and lack of.

b) Fatt( For First) : Saanvi has learnt to pronounce all the letters except “L” and “R”. When we play, one of them would be to keep an object at a distance and see who goes first. So, she would tell me..”Mama, lets see who goes fatt”.  Instead of going, I start laughing and try to correct her. The more i correct, the more she shouts – “Fatttttt!!!” and goes out to get the object first.

Cannot recollect much at the moment. Hibernating after eating a big bowl of ice cream 😛 Will update once she manages to make me laugh out loud again.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!




Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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