Pedda saanvi aam enduku tinaledu :))

One fine day, saanvi has just decided that’s she’s tired of remaining small. So,she announced to all of us – I am not small, I am pedda(big) saanvi. Everytime we call her bujji (small) saanvi, she corrects us saying that she is pedda saanvi.

Her favorite sentences this week:

1.pedda saanvi pedda saanvi aam enduku tinaledu?

Hilarious. What this means is- big saanvi, why are you not eating? She knows she gives me tough time at food, and she asks herself this question loudly, coyly smiling at all of us. All she gets is a bearhug from me.

2. Saanvi peddadi aipoindi, pedda gems packet ivvandi!!

Every time saanvi cries real badly, she asks for gems. We take her to the shop and buy her gems. Today, when I told the shopkeeper to give small gems packet, she quickly retorted : “saanvi is big now, give her big gems packet !!” . The shop keeper was so surprised that he laughed out loud.

3. Saanvi tintundi, amma pettaddu

Her feeding sessions are my life’s worst nightmare. It’s hard to leave her hungry and its equally hard to feed her tolerating all her tantrums. So, when I tell her I will feed her , she gets up, looks at me and says that she wants to feed herself.

What follows is an hour of messing around with food and making the craziest possible combination. Not a single morsel in her mouth. Sigh.

4. Saanvi has all the toys, her dad buys for her.

Currently I am at mom’s house and when we go out for something we are sure to cross couple of toys shops. So , on an evening, my mom and saanvi went out. My mom asked her if she wants any toys. She replied that she has lot of toys and her dad buy a lot for her. And immediately, she asked my mom to buy “wheels on the bus”, which is a big bus. She got one, and yesterday I had fun listening to various versions of the same rhyme from her.

There’s one interesting thing I learnt about dealing with her. When she says something which is not quite correct, I correct her and she keeps holding to her initial opinion. Once I give in, immediately she agrees with me and does the exact thing I want. Here is a typical conversation:

Saanvi : are these my papers?(finds some important papers and brings them to me)
Me: no, these are mama’s papers. Put them where you picked up.
Saanvi: no, these are saanvi’s papers.
Me: no saanvi, put them back.
Saanvi: screaming now, these are my papers.
Me: alright, these are your papers.
Saanvi: no, these are mama’s papers and not saanvi’s papers. Do you want me to put them back.
Me: yes.
Saanvi puts the papers back and continues to search for something else. I find this trait of her very fascinating. Her fight is only for me to agree with her, in all the circumstances.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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