My Rant on Dettol Kitchen & Slab Gel Advertisement

If you haven’t watched the new dettol ad, take a look here. It’s in tamil, this is the only one I got on youtube:

Did you guys see the new dettol ad? The wifey comes home to find her husband planning a surprise dinner for her and washing the dishes. And what do you expect the wifey’s reaction? According to me, she should have a real sense of appreciation in her eyes and reward the hubby with a warm hug. Instead, you know what she does?? Takes a tablet and shows the husband how still germs are around after much cleaning. Huh??  And then goes on to tell him that dettol is the way to go for a smarter kitchen. Finally she laughs off and the ad ends.

Being a lady, I really find this ad stupid and offensive.  If your husband plans a surprise, do you really pick on him for things like these? Then you don’t need dettol, you need some help. And as far as the hubby is concerned, I don’t think he will plan any surprise and get himself a nasty shock.  I believe that these kinds of ads, with whatever good intentions are made – will surely get criticism from both hubby and wifey.

What do you guys think?
Have a good day and keep rocking!!


How to lead your married life?

No, I have not started taking psychology classes. Instead, I would like you all to listen to the wonderful discourse by BhramaSri Chaganti Koteswara Rao. It is :

Ramayanam – Manaveeeya Sambandhalu.

It tells you the story about couples in Ramayana – Vaali, Ravana and Goutama Maharshi. And a very detailed married life account of Sri Rama and Sita devi.

Its in telugu, and if you can understand telugu – consider yourself lucky. Just listen and take away the pearls of wisdom.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!


How to change your life : From Leo Babauta of Zen Habits

We all want to make changes. Small and big. No one is an exception. The funny thing is, most of us also know what to do. Then why do we keep failing? Give a good read to this masterpiece article. Read and re-read and decide on one single step you want to do.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!

Kidihou Childrens Museum Hyderabad Review

kidihouWith a toddler at home, you will always fall short of activities to do and places to visit.  I do google for kids events in hyderabad only to find 2 bhk apartments with playgrounds and a whole lot of playschools. On a particular day determined to find something, I went googling and finally found this gem:  Kidihou.

I took my daughter there, and she had a really good time. It’ s India’s First Childrens museum. What does it mean?

It simply means – there are lot of activities where your kid can do, have fun and learn at the same time.  She did play blocks, shopping, painting, balls and doctor doctor 😀  Upstairs, there are activities for elder kids ( >5 yrs). Being 2 and half, my kid spent most of her time downstairs.

The museum is open from 12 PM to 8 PM on weekdays and 10AM to 8 PM on weekends.  Currently with promotion, you pay Rs. 300 for the kid and Rs. 200 for the adult. So, for a day full of entertainment – it’s still very affordable.

How to go there?

Take a right at Hitech city and tell them to go to Whitefields. The most notable landmark is MEDPLUS.   This is the entire address :

  • Plot no 5 and 6, Sanjeev Enclave, Whitefields Road, Whitefields, Kondapur
  • Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 500084
The only downfall is – they do not have a pantry yet. So, if you plan to take your kid for the whole day – take her lunch box /snacks with you.

My rating for the place : 10/10.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!

Saanvi : …. Wheels on the bus edhi?

ImageOkay, I know i have got tons of things to finish and this is not the right time of the day( Read : 10.58 PM) . But, if you do not have the time to record precious things your kids are upto, what fun are you having in life?

As she started speaking rigorously, I tell Saanvi whole lot of things. We have a set of rhymes which she will want me to sing everyday to her. And of all, the rhyme “Wheels on the bus” is her favorite.

So, when I start the rhyme, after every sentence her question ..

“wheels on the bus edi”

“round and round edi”

“wipers on the bus evi”

“swish swish edi..”

and it goes on and on….for every sentence i speak.

Edhi in telugu means “Where is it?”

So, I try to tell her that it is not visible to her at the moment but I will show her later. Sometimes whatever she asks (e.g. spoon) are right at home and I tell her the location and ask her to go get it. Her response.. “Kanipinchatledu enduku Saanvi ki” ?( Why can’t I find it?). Followed by a secret plan to make me get up from my current place. Once I give it to her, her face glows followed by ..”Oooo.. Ikkada unda…!!!!”. I could get up 1000 times to listen to this expression.

Kids are good question papers. Only if we knew all the answers.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!

Kai po Che – movie date with saanvi

I strongly believe that kids are as adults are. A health relationship between kids and parents starts when they are quite young. While saanvi’s papa is out of town, I decided to take her to a Hindi movie. Here is how it went.

I booked the tickets online and got myself and her ready. But at her lunch time, she said she wants to eat her food and no one to touch her. The time was nearing and she didn’t eat anything. So, I took her out, made her play and fed her little.

We rushed and got an auto very quickly. Saanvi was so excited that she is going to watch a movie. We went in, the credits had started. It was so dark that saanvi didn’t want to sit in her seat. I made her sit in my lap and we started watching. She was afraid of the dark. I have her my iPhone and HTC and that kept her busy for a while. Slowly, she slept. I was releived. After watching about 3/4 of the movie, she got up to realize she is in a dark room. She started crying loudly, uncontrollably. I offered to go out of he movie. She gladly accepted the offer and insisted we go back to watch the movie 🙂

I managed to catch the climax and was very happy. Happy mom and happy daughter makes a merry merry day.

How to know your kindle email address

I write for the tech news website, TheTechPanda. In return, what i get is pure satisfaction and joy. I write for my own good. Many friends asked me how much I am earning thru writing.  No cash as of now, but doesn’t really matter. May be if I get cash someday for writing here, my husband and daughter would have more surprises! 

The editor Prateek is a nice guy who loves reading books I guess. In return for our work, he offered all our freelancers that he can buy 2-3 books of our choice. Any day, this would make me more happy than money I guess. The very first title i sent to him was :

The Art of Choosing – Sheena Iyengar.

When he asked for my kindle id, i did reply with weird answers because i did not knew what kindle id was. Finally, i googled and amazon had it in FAQ.

Here is how to find yours:

1. Open Kindle

2. Click Menu

3. Go to settings – page 3

4. See the sub section Send-to-Kindle Email.

That’s it.   

I got my book and cannot wait to read. This is my first payment for writing on this website.This book is written by a blind lady and has amazing reviews. Let’s see how i find it.


Have a good day and keep rocking!!