How to get your 2 year old to eat


This is the standard answer for anything I want to feed my 2 and half year old daughter. I dread starting her food times. I ponder over other kids who eat food – atleast the same kind everyday and finish their mealtimes in 1 hour’s time. Despite my best efforts, my daughter remains to carry the sign “NO FOOD NO DRINK PLEASE” wherever food is place in front of her. Now, from 7 months of staying at home and feeding her all the meals – I really sometimes cry out loud thinking when she will grow up and i can finish her meals like any other activity in my life. But, every passing day she just grows naughty and her meal portions get lesser and lesser. What to do?

Over time, I’ve mastered few techniques to deal with extreme poor eaters like my daughter. As always, there is a first for everything. Think over these questions and write down the answers:

1. How is your family history? Are they good, fussy or non-eaters?

Most likely, your kid will inherit the family food eating patterns. If you have fussy and picky eaters in your family ( in-laws side) , then understand that mostly it’s in her genes to reject food.

2. What is her pattern with things in life?  What are the activities that interest them most?

Some kids like to play in the park, some kids like to sit in water and some like to watch TV. Mix these activities with food. Get them so involved that they do also eat viewing as a combined activity.

3. Threats work. Really, they do.

Once you find out what they like, include small threats to make sure they eat while they get to do what is interesting to them.

4. Create hype surrounding food.

It doesn’t pay to talk a lot about food, but creating hype about a new food you want to introduce will work most of the times. Even if it doesn’t work then – don’t worry. Your little one is storing all the information in their little ROM and will one day surprise you by repeating the hype to you.

5. Don’t pressure them into eating food. DON’T SHOUT.

Eating is a good thing to do. It’s not a chore that must be completed – come 1 PM in the afternoon and 8 PM in the night. Try all your tips but in the end – if they don’t want to – let them be. Under any circumstances – never ever shout on the food for not eating food and make them feel like losers. In the end – once your kid is grown up they will eat. It’s just a matter of when – some eat at 2, some at 5 and some at 10. May be, your kid is a late bloomer with food, just get on with it.

6. Finish your mealtimes before them.

This is a very important tip. You can deal with non-eaters only if you are full of energy. I learnt this very hard way, now all my mealtimes are done before her. That way, i have enough energy to deal with her tantrums.

These are the tips on the top of my mind at the moment. What are your tips?

Have a great day and keep rocking!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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