Meeting today’s entrepreneur

My mind is a scary place. Today I want to do this and tomorrow I want to do that. Thanks to god, I am permanently backed up by a stable minded person in life, who supports all my whims and fancies with a calculative risk assessment. Long ago, when I was in sydney, I was a big fan of killerstartups and always read the mediocre and wonderful startups they reviewed. One day, I came across an article on how to hire for a startup. Saw the details and sent an email to prateek, the founder of thetechpanda. I infact applied for a junior position, not knowing how the response would be. The correspondence turned out great and I started writing articles.

So far, I’ve written 17 articles for the site, mostly app reviews & startup reviews. All for free. It’s an on-and-off thing, sometimes I feel so compelled to write the articles that I just sit, research and write, write and the other times – i keep ignoring the nagging going  on in my head to write the article. Social media can break or make a person these days, if you are all over the places. Gaining good impression from social media, me  & vinod met Prateek yesterday on how his website was growing, and is there any chance of partnership that would take both of us to a whole new level. 

Prateek appeared exactly like today’s entrepreneur. A bit confused, and lot of big ideas. However, if a person is honest and has the potential of making it big, it cannot go unnoticed. The conversation was a breeze and we ended up talking about a whole lot of things than I thought. Although the partnership thing didn’t work out because apparently he didn’t need one – but the simple gesture of  coming down all the way to tell us the same indeed won my points. And the cute little teddy that came with him won my daughter’s points!:)

Meeting today’s entrepreneur is scary. I wondered where all my days went when I struggled away in MNCs. Why did I never have a startup of my own those days? My idle brain had food for thought the rest of the day. I was also in the middle of reading the book “59 seconds: Think a little, change a lot.”. I just finished a chapter on how to do the perfect interview. Sat there, rating prateek against all the points I just read. 

Things are easier said than done. Entrepreneurship is hard work. No amount of glamour attached to it will make things easy. However, somewhere deep down my heart – I think that’s the way to go for us. It’s not entirely about making money. It’s about satisfying your inner passion and be the best version of yourself you could ever be.

We signed off, thinking of a project to implement and thought we could start the ground work for it. Let’s see how the whole thing unfolds. For now, this is enough to keep me excited for next couple of months together.


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