Saanvi Chronicles : “Ala Cheste… Amma Koppadutundi !”

It’s fun to be around a kid who turned 2 and half today. Demanding physically and mentally, i often burst out into loud laughter while dealing with Saanvi. The new sentences she’s been picking up and using them with utmost confidence amazes me. However, one request denied – she cries enough to fill a bucket and shouts at the top of her voice. How do I get her to calm down?

Few techniques I unsucessfully tried are:

> Shout back at her again 

> Take timeout and go away from there

> Give in to her demand only to find she keeps asking more & more

> Cry

Afterall, she is my first kid. And one learns only through experience. Here are few tricks up the sleeve now whenever she has a tantrum or wants something, which will not be granted:

1. Find the real reason of the tantrum. Is she hungry/ sleepy / tired? If yes, then she is just behaving as per her mood and doesn’t really want that item. The best way is to distract her . I usually pick her and hold her in my arms – she’ll immediately rest her head on my shoulders if this is the case.

2. Talk to her in a soft voice. I create few trademark sentences and use exactly the same ones everytime a similar situation is created. For instance, if my daughter keeps playing around the food, and she knows she is not eating due to tantrums, i tell her :

” If you get mischevious, your mom will get angry.

  If you do not get mischevious, you mom will not get angry”.

She is smart enough to understand and will open her mouth in few seconds.

3. Usually, notice how you react when you are really angry. Train your kids to react to you anger. I shout saanvi saying :”Aiii Saani..ela ra”. Whenever I did that, my daughter would cry even more because i was angry with her. So, i tell her during her good mood – 

“If mummy gets angry, she will call you “aiii Saani..”.

She understands. Next time whenever she does mischief, she actually expects me to shout at her “Aiiii Saani…”.

4. Give-in. This is really when it is harmless. If you daughter is asking you a choclate afte a gap of one month, do not fret. Just go with the flow and enjoy her munching away.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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