How to get your 2 year old to brush teeth

Doctors say, that it is good to brush teeth once the kid starts getting some teeth. However, the task is easier said than done. Here are some tips that worked for me. You can give a try too :

1. For about 10-15 days, brush right in front of your kid. Tell them all kind of good stories about brushing the teeth and why you are brushing everyday. This will get them mentally ready.

2. Be prepared for the worst. No matter of mental advise will work when the kid doesn’t want to open their mouth. Two options – force brush and leave. I will never advocate force brush until the kid has developed any kind of dental problem. Keep trying until one day she opens her mouth.

3. Give options. I usually keep 2 tooth brush and 2 tooth paste for Saanvi. And will give her the option of choosing. On other days, I will ask her if she wants to be brushed by my hand.

4. Teach a process and stick to it. For Saanvi, first brush, then clean tongue and clear the mouth. Unless absolutely necessary, i will try to get her to do everything.

5. Brush with your daughter. Make it fun by making funny faces. 

6. Appreciate. Once she brushes her teeth, announce it to everyone. Tell it on phone while she listens. Kids are more likely to do things that are talked about them – good or bad.

7. If she wants to do it herself – give in. Let her brush and keep gently praising her.

8. Club brush time with bath time. This will save time and you will avoid the battle couple of times early in the morning. Get her toys in, and distract her well. Then finish up your job.

9. When not in mood, just leave her. Do not scold or belittle. 5 days of not brushing in a month will not harm her than your useless scolding and unwanted harsh words.

Happy brushing!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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