2012 Reflections

I wanted to write this blog post from today morning, and finally managed to write at 12:47 AM on Jan 1st 2013. That’s what happens when your daughter gets up from sleep at 7 PM. Looking back at 2012, below are the goals I set for myself:

1. To run everyday for 30 minutes.

2. To record every single paisa that comes in and goes out.

3.  To eat fruits 3 times a week

4. To read 5 books

5. To record every situation where I am upset and cried

Let’s see how i did in each of the departments.

1. Running : Average. I started running once I went to sydney. I managed to run 30 minutes non stop, and participated in a 4K.  To my horror, I even enrolled in a boot camp and finished it successfully. From past one month, I managed to go to local gym in Hyderabad and make my trainer happy with my hour long workouts. My biggest achievement in this area would be a change in attitude towards fitness. Now, My mind does not stop me anymore from doing excercise. It’s a fantastic feat achieved after 30 years of  resistance.

2. Recording Finances :  Half way there. I recorded expenses for about 8 months. The first 3 months and the last month – where expenses are more, my recording went haywire. I have observed that, if i have to open my laptop to record expenses – it is tough to do at 11:30 after all your work is finished. And i am a bit reluctant to spend money on apps to do the expense logging. Wait, should I use my iPad?

3. Eating Fruits : Not strictly 3 times, but this goal is successfully accomplished. This year, I have eaten fruits than any year in my life.

4. Reading: Yes, successfully read 5 books. I wanted to finish Scott Peck’s book but the last chapter’s left. Review will be out shortly.

5. Record upsetting situations : This is a poorly fared area, which stopped in Jan 2012 itself. I think i just recorded 3/4 incidents only. However, I discovered the root cause of the issues and dealt with lot of them – although painful. I can confidently say that i cried lot less in 2012, sans few situations i self created and cried because of my misunderstanding things & people.

Overall, 2012 has made me fitter and wiser.  My goals for 2013 in no order of importance:

1. Get up early : 6 AM everyday

2. Exercise 3 times a week

3. Write 2 posts a week for TheTechPanda

4. Cook 100 new varieties

5. Find out 50 things I like to do

6. Pray every single day

7. Read 10 books

8. Write a blog-series on how to deal with 2 year old

9. Complete Excel – VBA course

10. Do OCP

Let’s see how this year unfolds. I wish all my blog readers a very happy and prosperous year 2013.,

Have a great day and keep rocking!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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