Yeto Vellipoindhi Manasu : Saanvi’s first movie in theater

Finally, we decide to take Saanvi to a movie theater to see how she reacts. When she was around 11 months, we took her to Kung Fu Panda. What happened was crying aloud and saanvi was out with her mummy for the rest of the movie. After that, we somehow catch the second shows after putting her to sleep. But, this time we wanted to try the theater experience on her.

We booked the evening show at talluri theaters near kushaiguda.  She woke up at  4:45 in a very bad mood. So, I was prepared for the nightmare. After refusing to tie up her hair and wearing half of her dress reverse, she cried non stop to the top of her voice. We both had left hopes of going to the movie. Having sent my inlaws and sis in law first, we both were so helpless. At one point,  I thought – “She’s a kid. She doesn’t understand that she is making it late to the movie. Let go…”. And went to the next room to relax. My mind became fresh and automatically the environment cheered up. I prepared Saanvi’s dinner. No matter what, we could not get her to drink a sip of milk after her very little lunch in the afternoon.Filling the milk in the bottle, we took her to the theater at 6:00 PM.

I think, when dealing with kids it is really important to understand that they do not want to spoil your day nor they are born with the mission to irritate you every second. They have to grow up and face the challenges of life later on. If parents are able to withstand life’s little challenges – that attitude will get inculcated in kids for sure. The opposite holds true too. My daughter looks at my face couple of times from 4:45PM to 6:00 PM to notice if i am angry or frustrated. When i smile back at her, she continues crying but it doesn’t get worse. We didn’t try to stop her crying nor pampered her. When we told her to tell us once she is done with crying – much to our laugh, she came and told me that saanvi’s crying is complete and we can continue with our next chores :)) Haha.

After missing about 10 minutes of the movie, we finally got seated. Luckily, we had an empty seat which was utilized to the fullest extent by Saanvi. She stood near me, and her papa for some time. Then, went and lied down in grandma’s lap for some time. As soon as the interval came, she want to get mini samosa. Being hungry from so long, she was quick to finish her snack of mini samosa and popcorn.

After the interval, we had the most famous song of the movie –  “Yenthentha Dooram…”. It’s been few months she has been listening to the song. She sat in her chair, and kept nodding her head and eating popcorn and tapping. I was thinking when was the last time i really enjoyed any movie so much. Rest of the movie she spent searching my handbag for something to destroy, and telling me that everyone was watching movie. Having got few glares from fellow movie goers for Saanvi’s loud commentary, people were amused with her as well.  She didn’t disturb us at all, and the movie experience was very good.

Looking forward for a children’s animation movie to be released, so that she can begin her movie journey.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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