From Cry Baby to Bye Baby


Sending Saanvi to play school is one of the toughest tasks for me, for variety of reasons.

All these days when she went to playschool, she cries a lot. And everyday when I pick her up, she tells me that saanvi has cried in playschool. I used to ask the question on when will she happily start going to school.

Today, both mother and daughter got up late and i was not at all in a mood to send her to school. However, only with the intention of not disturbing her continuation – I reluctantly got her ready. On the way, she kept telling me that she doesn’t want to go to playschool which i played ignorant. Finally, I told her what i tell her everyday – Saanvi will go and play for a while in playschool. And she kept quiet. When we reached the school, I took her and went near the school gate. Not finding anybody, i opened the gate and entered the second gate. Saanvi started shouting – “Teacher, Open the door!! “.  Still, no body to be seen. A lightening idea stuck my mind. I left her on the ground, and gave her bag to her and asked her to go in. Surprisingly, she started walking inside. After couple of steps I told her – “Bye Saanvi!”. She turned back, smiled at me and said -“Bye!!” and started walking towards her class room. Meanwhile, a teacher and ayamma came and assisted her inside.

My heart was filled with joy and my eyes were filled with tears. My Saanvi is now going to school happily. Her first step to independence. All the stress of working till early in the morning just got wiped off. Truly, no happiness like watching your kids grow right in front of your eyes.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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