Saanvi Stories : Konni… Kavali…

Whenever Saanvi likes an experience, she asks for more in my mother tongue : ” Konni.. Kavali..”. Which means, we have the order of repeating the action she has liked. And what’s the reaction for things she didn’t like ? ” Nacchaledu..” And she has the wisdom not to repeat them again forever. Whenever we initiate her disliked action, her reaction is almost instinctive.

When I spend more and more time with my daughter, the thought strikes me almost as a lightning. What wisdom does a 2 year old has more than grown ups that even she knows that one should select things that only give joy and never do things that give them sorrow? As I ponder more and more, she is still pure enough not to be the victim of the vicious habits adults have created for themselves.

Today was not a great day and I spent my energy focusing on few negative circumstances. However, taking inspiration from Saanvi, I did one of my few enjoyable activities : Cleaning around the house. It took me half an hour, and later my heart was filled with a sense of accomplishment and joy. All my negativeness has vanished.

It would be a great idea to store the activities that give us joy and the activities that cause us pain. Only because i am not as smart as my daughter. And see to it that i really really stick to the activities that give me joy. Wouldn’t that make me & everyone a better person? Food for thought.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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