Saanvi Aksharabhyasam at Basar

After one reschedule, we finally went to Basar to perform the aksharabhyasam for chy. sai saanvi. It was for sure a memorable trip. Just want to write down here so that it will be available for me to refresh my thoughts.

We went by Devagiri express from Hyderabad to basar. And then, we landed at Tejaswi hotel. Paying Rs. 1000 for an AC room, we put our luggage. The room was very very different from what we were used to in metros. The cot had 2 colored single-bed sheets and  they didn’t even fit the bed. No towels, no soaps and bonus – mosquitoes. We were very concerned for saanvi, as she didn’t like the room at all. One sight at the room and she would wear her shoes and cry until we got out of the room. In one word, I was the happiest when we checked out of Tejaswi.  Because of less Voltage, the AC in the AC room did not work and we ended up paying the Non AC Charges.

Coming to the temple, being very famous in India for performing children’s akshara bhyasam – we did not find it very crowded. We paid Rs. 500 for special akshara bhyasam – which means the priest will write the first letters with your daughter’s hand. The ceremony went on very well. As usual, my daughter who hates new comers like anything – cried at her best when we made her sit in the priest’s lap. He made her write “SRI” and then he wrote the rest, with a smiling face. The hall was very big and it accomodated around 30 families. I was wondering whether overseas is better where we get really personalized treatment or india where we get to perform things at the place we desire. 

We visited Sri Gnana Saraswathi ammavaru, followed by Mahakali temple. We also visited Vyasa temple. It’s the first of its kind and i was very fortunate to visit it.

Basar is a village, and except the 100m road that covers the temple – there’s is nothing to do. We ate at the temple hotel, which was okay. At the end of the trip, we visited godavari ghat and paid our respects to Godavari. Also visited Shiva’s temple. 

Returned by Akola- Kachiguda express which was also very good. It’s around 5 hours journey and we didnt feel like journey at all. We all were waiting for snacks to come and kept eating along the way in the train 🙂

As usual, the pics remained in vinod’s mobile but I will edit the post and update it again later. Until then, ciao!

Take care and have a good day!

P.S: Vinod’s friend had given a letter of recommendation from Governer’s office which didn’t help us to the extent we thought. In the end, it helped us to get VIP Darshan – second time .. and we saw the goddess and filled her in our eyes and heart.


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

4 thoughts on “Saanvi Aksharabhyasam at Basar”

  1. Bagundira!!
    Finally I wish that the blessings og Goddess Saraswathi matters for us to chy. Saanvi and i am confident about it.
    Such piligramage places are always commercial!!!


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