Yeto Vellipoindhi Manasu : Saanvi’s first movie in theater

Finally, we decide to take Saanvi to a movie theater to see how she reacts. When she was around 11 months, we took her to Kung Fu Panda. What happened was crying aloud and saanvi was out with her mummy for the rest of the movie. After that, we somehow catch the second shows after putting her to sleep. But, this time we wanted to try the theater experience on her.

We booked the evening show at talluri theaters near kushaiguda.  She woke up at  4:45 in a very bad mood. So, I was prepared for the nightmare. After refusing to tie up her hair and wearing half of her dress reverse, she cried non stop to the top of her voice. We both had left hopes of going to the movie. Having sent my inlaws and sis in law first, we both were so helpless. At one point,  I thought – “She’s a kid. She doesn’t understand that she is making it late to the movie. Let go…”. And went to the next room to relax. My mind became fresh and automatically the environment cheered up. I prepared Saanvi’s dinner. No matter what, we could not get her to drink a sip of milk after her very little lunch in the afternoon.Filling the milk in the bottle, we took her to the theater at 6:00 PM.

I think, when dealing with kids it is really important to understand that they do not want to spoil your day nor they are born with the mission to irritate you every second. They have to grow up and face the challenges of life later on. If parents are able to withstand life’s little challenges – that attitude will get inculcated in kids for sure. The opposite holds true too. My daughter looks at my face couple of times from 4:45PM to 6:00 PM to notice if i am angry or frustrated. When i smile back at her, she continues crying but it doesn’t get worse. We didn’t try to stop her crying nor pampered her. When we told her to tell us once she is done with crying – much to our laugh, she came and told me that saanvi’s crying is complete and we can continue with our next chores :)) Haha.

After missing about 10 minutes of the movie, we finally got seated. Luckily, we had an empty seat which was utilized to the fullest extent by Saanvi. She stood near me, and her papa for some time. Then, went and lied down in grandma’s lap for some time. As soon as the interval came, she want to get mini samosa. Being hungry from so long, she was quick to finish her snack of mini samosa and popcorn.

After the interval, we had the most famous song of the movie –  “Yenthentha Dooram…”. It’s been few months she has been listening to the song. She sat in her chair, and kept nodding her head and eating popcorn and tapping. I was thinking when was the last time i really enjoyed any movie so much. Rest of the movie she spent searching my handbag for something to destroy, and telling me that everyone was watching movie. Having got few glares from fellow movie goers for Saanvi’s loud commentary, people were amused with her as well.  She didn’t disturb us at all, and the movie experience was very good.

Looking forward for a children’s animation movie to be released, so that she can begin her movie journey.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!


From Cry Baby to Bye Baby


Sending Saanvi to play school is one of the toughest tasks for me, for variety of reasons.

All these days when she went to playschool, she cries a lot. And everyday when I pick her up, she tells me that saanvi has cried in playschool. I used to ask the question on when will she happily start going to school.

Today, both mother and daughter got up late and i was not at all in a mood to send her to school. However, only with the intention of not disturbing her continuation – I reluctantly got her ready. On the way, she kept telling me that she doesn’t want to go to playschool which i played ignorant. Finally, I told her what i tell her everyday – Saanvi will go and play for a while in playschool. And she kept quiet. When we reached the school, I took her and went near the school gate. Not finding anybody, i opened the gate and entered the second gate. Saanvi started shouting – “Teacher, Open the door!! “.  Still, no body to be seen. A lightening idea stuck my mind. I left her on the ground, and gave her bag to her and asked her to go in. Surprisingly, she started walking inside. After couple of steps I told her – “Bye Saanvi!”. She turned back, smiled at me and said -“Bye!!” and started walking towards her class room. Meanwhile, a teacher and ayamma came and assisted her inside.

My heart was filled with joy and my eyes were filled with tears. My Saanvi is now going to school happily. Her first step to independence. All the stress of working till early in the morning just got wiped off. Truly, no happiness like watching your kids grow right in front of your eyes.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!

Dahi Bhendi / Bendakaya in Yogurt Curry

As usual, this post comes with no pics. But, please continue to read.. 🙂

Inspiration comes from here:

However, I did my own changes as the original recipe is too bland for my family’s taste. Here goes my modified version of recipe:

Cut the okra pieces into small round – preferably consistent shape.

Put oil in pan, jeera seeds and wait until they splutter. Add onion and minced garlic. Fry till the raw smell is gone. Then add the bhendi pieces, salt and turmeric. Leave it on low flame until the bhendi is completely cooked.

Meanwhile, take 6-7 cashewnuts and grind them to a smooth paste.

Once bhendi is completely cooked, add the below in the order mentioned:

Cashewnut paste, Dhaniya Powder, Red chilli powder, Amchur Powder, Yogurt. Once all the gravies are mixed well, add a handful of chopped mint leaves.

Close the lid and leave the entire curry in the lowest possible flame for 3-4 minutes.

Serve hot with chapati.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!

The cure for all the “how not to….” !!

I’m usually known in my close circles for my restlessness and lack of relaxed state of mind. Over time, even I have come to realize this. So, what good is  the realization without any solution?

Didn’t try a lot of solutions – but my restlessness kept coming back to me. If I could manage few minutes of really relaxed state of mind on any given day – I celebrated. You can say they are far and between. But, tonight when we took our dear daughter for a bike ride – something stuck me very hard. May be my daughter would rank 1st, if there is a competition between kids who hate food and their standard answer for any thing would be “NO,DONT WANT”. Being a concerned mother, half of my thoughts revolve around her.

Today morning I shouted at her because of the tantrums she played at the breakfast table. Morning passed, I fed her afternoon lunch. Evening passed, I fed her dinner. While going on the bike, suddenly I thought – that morning is gone, now I will never get it back. Same for the day too.

Nothing in life stays. One day we all will die. And all our “how not to” will die with us as well.

If we keep repeating the mantra below for all the times in our lifes –


I think we can never be so angry, sad or for that matter happy in our lifes !!

One last word: As this too shall pass, why not live and enjoy the current moment?

Yeah, late night philosophy but one that cannot have any counter arguments. I’m going to stick with it for the rest of my life. What’s your life philosophy?

Have a good day and keep rocking!!

Saanvi Stories : Konni… Kavali…

Whenever Saanvi likes an experience, she asks for more in my mother tongue : ” Konni.. Kavali..”. Which means, we have the order of repeating the action she has liked. And what’s the reaction for things she didn’t like ? ” Nacchaledu..” And she has the wisdom not to repeat them again forever. Whenever we initiate her disliked action, her reaction is almost instinctive.

When I spend more and more time with my daughter, the thought strikes me almost as a lightning. What wisdom does a 2 year old has more than grown ups that even she knows that one should select things that only give joy and never do things that give them sorrow? As I ponder more and more, she is still pure enough not to be the victim of the vicious habits adults have created for themselves.

Today was not a great day and I spent my energy focusing on few negative circumstances. However, taking inspiration from Saanvi, I did one of my few enjoyable activities : Cleaning around the house. It took me half an hour, and later my heart was filled with a sense of accomplishment and joy. All my negativeness has vanished.

It would be a great idea to store the activities that give us joy and the activities that cause us pain. Only because i am not as smart as my daughter. And see to it that i really really stick to the activities that give me joy. Wouldn’t that make me & everyone a better person? Food for thought.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!