Did you get your Pap smear done?

While waiting at my favorite doctor for my mother in law’s checkup, I saw a tall slim Muslim lady come for checkup. She sat beside me and her both kids started wandering around. I offered my seat to her kids, but the other seat hog empty. So, her kids got the seat and we got talking. She asked me if I came for checkup. I nodded and repeated the question. With a gynec issue, she said.

The tension was clearly visible on her face. She had her Pap smear done yesterday, and is waiting for her results today. As we chit chat, her kids come and go, telling her little tidbits of interesting information they have captured about the hospital. She says

my mother died of cervical cancer

I have seen hoardings, banners and advertisements but never personally known anybody die of cervical cancer. That explains why she is tensed of the Pap smear results shd will get today. I do not have mother in law either, she sighed.

During conversation, she Asked me if I got my Pap smear done. I was Bit ashamed to say that if never gets done despite being very important. She smiles and says ,”with mother is the family. Please get your Pap smear done”. It seems now vaccines are available for women upto 45 years of age. I appreciate science for this.

I have been telling my husband that I will get Pap smear done since last 3 years. But, despite having time, energy and money – I never got one done. Isn’t one death story enough to convince me to get the test done?

I appeal to all women on this world through my blog to get their Pap smear done. By the way, my Muslim friend has come out smiling from the doctor’s room. God bless her.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!


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