A blog post with so many topics…

What happens when you do not blog for a long long time? Yeah, whatever you wanted to blog clings to your thoughts for a while and disappears among the other important stuff you think you are doing. Things that I did in the past few days in random order :

1. Watch life is beautiful
2. Start stretching in the morning with veena
3. Go walking with Vinod everyday evening
4. Maintain a ME journal where I record what I felt strongly though out the day . This happens everyday morning. As I now, I know 85 things about myself. Having said that, I have come up with 4 affirmations that will keep my family life very happy. Testing since past 2 days, really successful.
4. Started reading the book “guns, germs and steel” by Jared diamond.
5. Meditating every day
6. Organize saanvi’s toys and get her to actually play them.
7. Cook delicious food for my family
8. Interview 2 startups – footsy and foodtoeat.

Atleast by writing this down, I know I am not wasted. What are you all upto?

Have a good day an keep rocking!!


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