So hum meditation : progress report

So far, managed to do the meditation everyday for 5 minutes. Today, I tried to meditate for 10 minutes. During meditation, I can feel the air going to my lungs and when I exhale I can feel them contract. I have at times experienced the fruits instantly and some times the meditation wasn’t enough to repair my damaged mood.

I have a complaint though. I have read that when you meditate, all the crowded thoughts will start appearing on the surface. However, from day 1 as soon as I sit to meditate – my mind starts focusing on breath and saying ” so hum”. I know that my mind is definitely crowded with wanted and unwanted thoughts all the time. If these thoughts hide as soon as I sit for meditation , when am I going to face these? The best would be that the negative ones fade away without my knowledge.

It’s roughly a week or 10 days I have started going to temple in the evenings. I can vouch that the temple atmosphere has the capability to amazingly calm your mind down. Let’s see how far I can go regularly.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!


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