Feedback and its appreciation

Sometimes, it’s hard to see at yourself without a mirror. But, the people around you – they act as your first-hand mirrors : Nothing really escapes their eyes. The past few days, where I was looking after Saanvi –  it was becoming impossible to feed her. I was at the verge of tears when i spent close to 1 hour and all she did was run from here and there. As soon as the food plate shifted to her grandma’s hand , she opened her mouth. I was so tired that i just rushed to my room to have some time for myself. I was tired, frustrated and angry. How can i feed her???

So, the next day – when I woke up as usual to prepare morning tea, I asked my mother in law on why is she so dificuilt to feed, espicially to me. Her answer came to me in an instant – you make her play, her concentration is more on games when she’s with you. Stop playing games with her, and just feed”. I shook my head, and defended as much as I could. We left the conversation after I was adamant that all kids need to play during their lunch time. By today’s lunch time – I was tired of the day’s work and had the gigantic task of feeding her – she staring at me, while i call out for lunch.

I remembered my mother-in-law’s advise and why not – I didn’t have an ounce of patience to run around her today. So, i just kept talking and asking her to run around. I took a stair case and just sat there. It took time, but atleast she was opening her mouth. God, it was such a relief. Evening, i did the same – and it worked. I confirmed that she is normal, and I am at fault.  She is 2 now, and understands who does what. If I can give her the message that mommy comes to feed her, not play during lunch time – my feeding sessions are going to be much better.

Have a good day, and keep rocking!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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