Birthday in Sydney

I turned 31 yesterday. A very pleasant day, filled with lot of surprises and happiness.

As a sucker for books, you can only imagine the joy in my heart when I saw the amazon kindle in my hands at midnight 12. My joy knew no bounds. My dear hubby, who on the superficial appears not to agree with my mindless reading – now I know what you exactly think 🙂 early morning, my daughter wishes me a very happy birthday with a beautiful handbag in her hands. This is something I wanted to get from a long long time. Once again, pleasantly surprised.

After wearing my new dress, I took blessings from god, my in-laws and husband. Off to work, after eating a sweet gulab jamun.

My office is a nice place. Whenever I sit at my desk, I am at great peace. Sometimes I wonder, how can I be so lucky to be associated with such nice bunch of people? It’s a shame that it’s short lived. Every one wished me well. One of my colleague’s sister in law works in a bakery. She sometimes brings us really nice cakes and she planned to bring one on my birthday. She didn’t knew it was my birthday. Once she knew, she graciously agreed to make it my birthday cake. It was embarrassing to see my team singing birthday song. When I came to know my colleague’s goodness, I was so grateful for her.

What followed was my birthday an farewell lunch. Two of my colleagues, who are from different team joined the lunch – because they knew me so well. Happy again.

My lunch mate gave me the biggest dairy milk I have ever bought. It also bought the biggest smile on my face.

After lunch, I finished off some configuration I was in the middle of. My dear hubby waited for me at town hall and we went to bondi junction. The Westfield shopping mall is the biggest I’ve seen so far in Sydney. We saw TED. If I have some time today, I’ll do a review. After that, I had cookie shake. Yummy tummy and awesome.

We went home and I had the rest of the day to laze and play around my dear daughter. Through out the day, my family called me and wished me well.My CEO also sent me an SMS, which was was icing on the cake. Talking to my grand parents made me nostalgic. I remembered all my childhood days and my heart got a bit heavy.

On a side note, it was time to think about where my life was going. How am I leading my life? Lot and lots of introspection. In a way, very happy and satisfied. Started listening to Srimad bhagatam, by Sri chaganti koteswara rao. Now in Episode 32 out of 120.The pravachanam are sweet nectar to my ears, there is nothing more sweeter than it in my whole life. With god’s grace, I have started to tell short stories to my daughter about good and bad, happy and sad. Overall, still long way to go – but atleast I started walking.

By my next birthday – I hope to have these blessing in my life increase ten fold and have greater awareness about my life. Will try to do atleast couple of activities to help others and myself

Have a good day and keep rocking!!


2 thoughts on “Birthday in Sydney

  1. ssrao says:

    happy to see that you celebrated your birthday nicely and noted all the schedule you underwent yesterday. our blessings to you always. go on reading the pravachanams of sri chaganti. they are so sweet and useful in day to day life of ours. keep listening.


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