Book review : Watermelon by Marian Keyes


“Are you crazy? ”  my husband asked me yesterday night at 1:10 AM. I lied down in the sofa, tears coming out of my eyes – wrapped in my bedsheet and trying to finish up the above said book.

I was reading it non stop from 10 PM, after smugly settling in the sofa and making sure everybody else in the house is asleep. For my own selfish reasons, I didn’t want anybody to disturb me.

Enough of my own stories, this post should be about reviewing Marian Keyes’s chic-lit “Watermelon”.

The book runs in the mind of Claire, and describes her situations and her thoughts as we progress through her life – from her first day of delivery to the final page, which describes her going back to London. The conversations are witty, and the thought process of Claire, as she undergoes various situations are very real-life like.

Here comes the story. Claire, who believes that her’s is a perfect marriage – with her being more bubbly, lively and her accountant husband being sober & rock-solid – is in for a rude shock when he leaves her for Denise, a fat mother who lives downstairs of their apartment.  Claire has no clue, and she goes back to her  maternal family, to Dublin. First few days, she’s in shock and not harmless, but the next few days – when she imagines “HER” james with Denise, she is nothing short of Adolf Hitler. Here enters the hero of Mills & Boons novels – Adam. Her sister’s classmate. His constant attention & asking her out – that chapters of the book makes us feel like we are reading an entirely different book – some YA. Ok, coming back – James comes back to Claire, and tells her that he is tired of being responsible, and hence he left her.

“If you were so good, why would I leave you?” — Claire keeps thinking this to herself, while reminding herself why James left her. Only after she’s convinced that – she shouldn’t be as good as she was and deciding to go back to James to live on his terms & conditions, reality comes back to her with an entirely different version. Her near & dear tell her that James was insecure and he had an affair out of insecurity. He was always afraid he would lose her. After so-bookish-conversations with James, Claire finally ends her marriage.

Where I did not agree at all with the author is — Claire doesn’t realize that James is insecure about her until her marriage breaks, and people around her have to tell her. That is ridiculous. If you invest your time & effort in your marriage very often – you cannot help but notice how your partner feels about you. Oh yes, I know we cannot decipher their every single thought – but such a big feeling as INSECURITY & JEALOUSY – they cannot stay lurking for long, even in expert faker’s face and mind. And that she should know.

Also, revealing Adam’s past in the last 3 pages of the book – too hurried and unnecessary. He could do away without his past, and still be accepted by Claire, isn’t it?

Apart from that, the best part of the book was her mother’s cooking, her sister’s sharp-witty lines and Claire’s explanations of how her emotions.

If you just leave your brain behind in a cupboard, and just looking for some chic-lit, sure GO for IT!!! If you are like me, and try to reason on why Claire behaves the way she behaves -stay away.

Oh, and one more thing. When I told my husband my view on the book, he was very surprised. Usually, I immerse myself in author’s shoes and defend her in all the subsequent arguments on the book.  I think, i’m no more young for chic-lit, now that I’m turning 31 in couple of days from now.

Another book from the same author – “Rachel’s Holiday” is waiting for me. I’ll give a couple of seconds to decide if it’s worth dissecting.

My rating as a critic :  2.5/5

My rating as a chic-lit reader : 4/5

Have a good day, and keep rocking!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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