Results of the July chalkenge

Sometime back last month, I did a blog post on how I would try to inculcate good habits – one at a time.

For the month of July, this is what I’d planned to do –

1. Drink a glass of water
2. 50 jumping jacks
3. Rub nails for 2 mts.

So, what happened to the challenge? It’s result time.

1. For the first week of July, I ha to consciously remind myself to do things. As read somewhere else, I had an action in place to trigger my habit. When I come out to the balcony to take towel, that’s when I will do the stuff. And it worked. I did every single
Day. Once i finished doing it, I would keep reminding my husband to rub his nails. Before going to bed , I used to take a big pink marker and cross the
Date away. Satisfaction.
2. For the second week, it was fun but I didn’t feel like doing it. However, I kept doing it because I didnt want to miss the cross-chain I was building on the calendar.
3. Third week is the best. Things came effortlessly and I had fun doing it.
4. Week 4 is a mix and until my daughter fell sick, I was in the game. From Thursday, until through the end of July, she kept us emotionally and physically busy. We both took the flu virus from her and still trying to get rid of it.

Now, I wonder if it was me who did the July challenge so well until 26th of July. Planning to revive it again. Let’s see how things go.

Have a good day, and keep rocking!!


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